Setting Categories as your default view

The site defaults your home view to “Latest” when you log in. If you would like to set it to where the Categories show up instead click on your icon in the upper right of the window, click the little person tab then click Preferences. On the next page click on Interface and under Default Home Page select Categories. Click Save at the bottom to finish.


Also on this page you can change Text Size to smaller or smallest. I use this site a lot on a desktop instead of a phone and changing it to smallest helped a ton in being able to see everything.

Is there anyway to get rid of “latest” altogether on this screen…I have categories defaulted, so it showing categories on left…Latest not he right…I’d rather not see latest at all. Just asking, not a huge deal obviously

I’ll take a look. I’d rather just have the categories show myself.

This is how I have my interface set up.

Everything was fine, until the addition of the Storm Shelter. Now that things are starting to get rolling in there, my category view is getting taken over with the snippets from the Storm Shelter.

Is there some way I can designate which categories show up on my main view? Or more directly, is there a wat to suppress certain categories from my main page?

Yep it’s been brought up. I’m going out of town this weekend so I won’t be on much until Sunday.

I figured it out. If you go to your profile and follow Preferences>Categories and scroll to the bottom and click in the box under “Muted”, you get a pull down menu. You can select which categories you want to mute, so they don’t show up on your main page.

Likewise, you can customize which Categories you track and watch.

Worked like a charm. Now my main page is not cluttered with the Storm Shelter snippets. Cool stuff.

Incidentally, if you do this, you can still go into the Storm Shelter by using the categories pull down menu from the main page, and selecting the Storm Shelter.

Good find, 89.

Glad to help. :ok_hand: