Senator Tim Scott Slandered by MSNBC

South Carolina is fortunate to have both Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy as politicians who have served their state well. It is hideously unfair how Senator Scott has been treated by leftists who could not care less about the people.

Here’s a piece discussing supremacy and the execrable manner in which the left operates to censor, cancel, slander, and libel opponents straight out of Saul Alinsky’s cook book.

I like the little I’ve read or listened to from Scott.

That’s a nice quote by him…You need cute little catchy quotes to resonate with people and sheep in the middle.

I tell people “why would I need to be woke when I was never sleep?”

Fuck outta here.

I like how Bryan Preston never uses his full name on PJ Media. There’s a reason for that. Same guy, right? Looks like the same guy anyway

Hate them both.

Regardless of Bryan Preston’s past indiscretions, he has penned a fine article calling attention to the cheap shots MSNBC takes on a fine United States senator. This thread is not devoted to judging Bryan Preston. It is to expose the cheapjack treatment of a splendid public servant.

Yeah, you know…raping a 15 yr old and stuff. What immoral trash

Why? I’m curious.

Both are pretenders. Both are soft.

Trey Gowdy is all talk and no action. He never zero’d in for the kill when he had it. He always laid up.

Tim Scott is your typical milquetoast Republican. It’s all rehearsed language and platitudes with him.

Both bad for any party they find themselves in.

I value authenticity and strength over everything in politics. If I detect any theatre or weakness, I’m done.

I’ve met Tim Scott in person. I didn’t get that vibe from him. We were at a banquet and he didn’t dodge any question that was asked. They weren’t lay up questions either. Gowdy on the other hand, was known as a bulldog prosecutor. Other than that, I’ve not met him.

It’s not about “dodging questions” for me. It’s about authenticity. Is the answer your getting his actual honest answer or did he get it from his advisors after polled focus testing?

I’d rather a politician say, “ you know, I haven’t meaningfully considered that question” if that’s the real answer than to give me an answer that they believe the data suggests most people will accept.

We need tough people today. Not puppets.

Interesting take. It’s hard to get consulting from advisors when the questions aren’t given to you ahead of time.

A huge weakness for Trump…Drove me fuckin nuts

The man simply didn’t know how to say “I don’t know”

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He was mic’d up with an ear bud where they were feeding him answers…

“I don’t know” usually is the most honest answer a person can ever give.

I concur…And on a related note…Knowing what you don’t know is important.

The problem with that is, you don’t know, what you don’t know.

Lol indeed…Who’s on first?

And for the record…This was an old thread. But without digging as deep as some others in this thread. I do like Scott when I’ve heard him talk

Weird thing for a fan of Trump to prioritize. (Sorry to derail, just found it jarring.)