Senate Advances Ukraine Aid Bill

No surprise, GOPers are getting fed up with MAGA obstructionism.

After months of negotiating border issues to pass foreign aid, Republicans realized they were giving up their best ammo against Biden and reneged.

So they’re going back and trying to pass the foreign aid bill without any quid pro quo! It’s a remarkable example of the GOP missing out on a golden opportunity, a real gift from the Dems.

This looks poised to pass the Senate by Wednesday. The big test if the House, but Johnson can’t exactly stop the bill from hitting the floor if that’s what Congress wants. The speaker’s in a tight bind because Marjorie TG threatened to vote him out. Maybe the Dems will save him?

Get ready for some drama in the House.

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Right on schedule.

With every vote, more Republicans sign on. 22 this time.

Strong bipartisan support in the Senate now hands this off to the House.

Senate passes $95 billion package with aid for Ukraine and Israel

Is there good information out there on what this Ukraine money is going to be used for?

Seems like we are in a forever war with no end in sight and we are giving hundreds of billions to them? How much is the rest of the world giving them?

I hate that there seems to be a blank check for Ukraine. 1 trillion, 2 trillion? Is any amount enough?

No one seems to care. Just keep forking over money with no end in sight.

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Weapon systems to kill invaders. Artillery. Drones. Economic and humanitarian aid. More of the same.

Here’s a comprehensive list so far:

List of military aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War - Wikipedia

If this bill passes it will be $110-140 billion from us, depending who’s counting.

Other countries are definitely pulling their weight. Several are paying a larger percentage of their GDP than the US of A.

In concrete dollar/euro figures, if you add up a bunch of countries with smaller populations, the aid is more or less on par with the US.

I’d say the reason we’re forking over the money is BECAUSE we care.

But the idea is to make the war so costly Russia discontinues it. This is an effective strategy that has worked with proxies plenty of times in the past. See: Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc.

Did we really win either of those wars though? I think Afghanistan was a disaster with no real benefit? Russia is obviously a different beast.

The point is that the stronger superpowers DIDN’T win those wars.

China used Vietnam as a proxy and we pulled out, defeated.

With Afghanistan, I am referring to Russia pulling out because the US supplied them as a proxy force.

Both cases of the bigger, more capable power growing tired of a costly war.

That is the exact strategy you are now witnessing in real time.

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“If the bill goes to the floor, it will pass,” seems to be the common thinking right now.

Various Pubs are on board. The popular theory is that it will need a discharge petition to see the floor so Speaker Johnson won’t need to get his hands dirty.

Seems weird considering we just left 2 of the longest wars in our nation’s history, a money sieve that enriched countless GOP donors for 20 years, started by the GOP who openly lied about it to get us in, leaked the identity of an undercover CIA agent when her husband proved they were lying…calling anyone who disagreed a traitor and all for what? Nada.

But, now that it’s Russia who is openly stating they want sovereign territory of another country, then want to continue on into a NATO ally, Poland, and you’re “concerned” about that money. I see people like Erik Prince, the brother of Amway beneficiary Betsy Devos and founder of Blackwater, talking about how we don’t want “forever wars” when he benefited quite nicely in Iraq and Afghanistan for 20 years and I don’t recall him saying anything about that.

Is all it took for the GOPers to abandon free market ideology and their view on ex-KGB agent Putin was a fake reality tv star to tell you he liked Putin and you just did an about-face? I seem to remember the onslaught of GOPers attacking Obama for NOT stopping Putin from taking over Georgia

Of course, they invaded Georgia in 2008, when Republican George W Bush was President, but facts never get in their way, right?

Then, they blamed Obama (much like Bikki blaming Biden) for Russia’s takeover of Crimea

Seems the GOP doesn’t actually have any principles, just an overwhelming desire for power and to point the finger at anyone except themselves or their new ally, ex-KGP dictator Putin

I’d like to see some of that money to into the dilapidated project building I grew up in the Bronx. Just saying.

While I can sympathize, it’s an unrealistic comparison. To start, at what point in your life have your taxes been used on something tangible you wanted to happen, with a local focus? I hear people make the comment we should use that money to help our vets or help our homeless. It’s a cute statement, but it is unrealistic.
First, building projects like the one you listed are dispersed first to the state by the government, then the state government has to decide to send that portion to the city locale and it has to get passed the city govt spending projects, with the winning bid being building up dilapidated buildings in the Bronx in a time when private industry is already heavily investing in local revitalization projects, some call gentrification. In 2022, the Bronx saw a record dollar volume invested and the 2nd most transactions ever recorded with $1.54 billion in investment, all private business.
Second, while we’d all like to see a record amount spent on vets or homeless or homeless vets…it never happens. First, the GOP is trying to make homelessness illegal throughout the country (Alarm as US states pass ‘very concerning’ anti-homeless laws | US news | The Guardian), so they’re not investing in the homeless. They’re trying to put them into prison (don’t forget over 4,100 private corporations use prison labor, essentially for free-Private Companies Producing with US Prison Labor in 2020: Prison Labor in the US, Part II — Corporate Accountability Lab). The Democrats try sometimes to help the homeless, but nothing appears to work.
As far as veterans, while the GOP routinely plays up support for vets, their voting record consistently proves otherwise. From basic funding of the VA to funding veterans exposed to burn pits to even trying to stop funding to 9/11 families…it’s always the same.
Proposed GOP cuts would slash $30 billion from veterans spending
Republicans reject spending bill for veterans exposed to 'burn pits,' toxins - ABC News
Republicans vow not to cut veterans’ benefits. But the legislation suggests otherwise.
List of 30 Republicans Who Voted Against Money for 9/11 Victims' Families

When, exactly, have you ever seen your tax dollars spent on something local that was a benefit to more than a small number of people? I never have. I’d love to, but until we cut private funding of campaigns, eliminate PACs and stop pretending corporations are people, we’re shit out of luck.

The reality, however, is that Russia has been involved in 8 intrusions into sovereign territory since Putin took over. They have made no secret about wanting to bring back the Soviet Empire and those who were previously associated back into their fold. That includes several NATO territories, with even their Defense Minister saying, outright, Poland is next. That would mean WW3.
The scariest part of this is seeing that in Ukraine, Russia simply isn’t good at fighting anymore. They marched directly into Keiv and realized they didn’t bring fuel, ran out of gas. They marched back to Russia to procure fuel, got back to their 3 mile military caravan of havoc and refueled. Then, they realized they didn’t bring food. They marched back to Russia to get food for their 3 mile caravan. They’ve lost 300,000 so far fighting Ukraine alone. This means, once they get passed Ukraine, engage NATO, they’re only recourse for not getting slaughtered is using nuclear weapons. This is a strategic move to weaken their military to the point that advancing beyond Ukraine is unrealistic and preventing WW3.
Finally, most of the money being spent in Ukraine isn’t being sent as skids of dollars, like the GOP did in Iraq and Afghanistan. 90% is being spent within the United States via military contractors and refurbishing our own weaponry. Most of the time, we’re sending our older weaponry to Ukraine and then buying new from military contractors. The point is, most of it is being spent within our own borders.
Further, we flat out told Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Empire that if they gave up the nukes, we’d protect them.

Contrast this to the Trump version of what he wants to happen. He said he’d not only allow but encourage Putin to attack NATO allies if they don’t pay “their dues.” Of course, there are no dues in NATO. He views our allies as enemies and our enemies as HIS allies. He wants to use our military as a mercenary force, sold to the highest bidder…and not even bidding to pay the US, bidding to pay him.
He would have handed Ukraine over to Putin, and probably tried to stop Finland, Sweden, etc from joining NATO.

I can understand the frustration with the amount of money involved, though we did just spend more than 20 years in two wars started by the GOP, with little to no benefit in any way, whatsoever. The only people it helped were the corporations like Halliburton, Blackwater and the warlords who we paid with skids of cash. At least this has a benefit which helps the world, our allies, us and does more than anything else we could do to stall or prevent WW3.

My two cents

I wasnt sure if you were replying to me until I saw your comment on housing in the Bronx.

Safer grants and Hud grants were apart of Biden’s American Rescue plan. Yes that money is allocated to the states as you said, however it comes with limitations. Morris house projects off of East 170th street hasn’t see any sort of re development. Want to blame the mayor, governor, or city council for not disbursing that money properly? That’s fine, they’re all liberal. The gentrification process down by Fordham university has been in full effect. They rather make the conditions in Morris worse to encourage people to leave so they can knock the buildings down as opposed to put money into improvements.

Obama made sweeping changes to healthcare when he was in office. One of the best presidents, at least in my mind, in our lifetime.

Biden has talked about free healthcare and ran on that platform briefly in 2020. Start there. Make a dent into free healthcare with the billions heading to Europe.

As for Russia. Im gonna be honest here. I really don’t care. My living conditions were on par with 3rd world countries when I was a kid. Thankfully my mother re married and better days were ahead. However, those conditions still exist in Morris, Mitchel, Bronxdale and Monroe housing. It’s probably 1 grade above Gaza at this point. Stretches with no heat, stagnet plumbing, no hot water and infestations are commonplace at these locations. As a half Puerto Rican/Italian man I care about those people first. Not anyone in Ukraine and I don’t apologize for it.

Finally, you say when does your tax dollar reach local government? Well yes, someone finally said it. The system is broken, but that doesn’t mean federal dollars should go over sea’s rather then to the states so that money could then be bargined for once it gets to local municipalties.

To tell people locally, well you don’t see that money anyway so it should go to Ukraine, comes across as a little upity if you ask me. I know that wasn’t your intention. You were just trying to make a point and I get it.