Sanctions in Michigan against Lin Wood and Sydney Powell

The 9 lawyers who filed a frivolous election lawsuit in Detroit are being ordered to pay their opponent’s legal fees due to fraud allegations based on “speculation, conjecture, and unwarranted suspicion.”

They’re also being ordered to undergo 12 hours of legal education on election law, and they’re being referred to disciplinary boards.

“Despite the haze of confusion, commotion, and chaos counsel intentionally attempted to create by filing this lawsuit, one thing is perfectly clear: Plaintiffs’ attorneys have scorned their oath, flouted the rules, and attempted to undermine the integrity of the judiciary along the way.”


Last month the judge told them that they should have properly investigated Mr Trump’s debunked claims of voter fraud before bringing their lawsuit.

And she said sanctions were required against the attorneys “to deter the filing of future frivolous lawsuits designed primarily to spread the narrative that our election processes are rigged and our democratic institutions cannot be trusted.”

Pro-Trump lawyers may end up owing $200,000 to cover legal fees in baseless election fraud case | The Independent

Perhaps these rulings are the closest we’ll get to seeing an actual kraken, except this decision is just the tip of one tentacle. There are other cases pending against them.

You see skeeter, this is how you do crickets…



I’ve seen it many times from you and 305, you’re way late to the party sir

You want us to respond to a witch-hunt?

These attorneys filed suits on behalf of their clients. They provided evidence.

Video evidence
Statistical evidence
Expert witnesses

You name it.

This is a vendetta…. And I’ll make a bet with you that, if the end, it won’t prevail.

Isn’t this ruling against them “the end” already? Or you mean they’ll appeal and win?

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Not GSC…But I think he’s saying they won’t pay a fucking penny

Well I would take that bet in a heartbeat.