San Jose Police Union Executive Charged With Attempted Illegal Importation Of Fentanyl

What is the point of this post?

Just to see how many cops are dealing.

Would have never guessed it without this eye opener of a post.

Always the contributor, you are…

So you consider this a contribution? This just in…There’s bad cops

Why clutter up the board with this shit.

Why come to a board and comment when you pretend you don’t care about any of the content? For someone who pretends that “everyone is on their own”, you really need a little safe space, don’t you?

Well mostly to mock what a partisan sheep you are.

The point is…This is not news. Why post it?

You have a remarkably skewed definition as to what is and is not news, apparently. Also, considering this is a non-partisan story and direct no animus towards either party, you don’t consider it news. Being that you refrain any accusations of partisanship on the right from posters on here, yet constantly direct it at the more left wing people, and consider a non-partisan story about a police union head distributing illegal narcotics on the street to not be a news story…you’re showing your cards a little too much and revealing who the actual partisan on the board is.

Because they don’t post as frequently as you

I blocked storm long ago…I may unblock him and read about two posts as a week.

you’re showing your cards a little too much and revealing who the actual partisan on the board is.

Make no mistake…It’s you til the bitter end.

You have nothing to stand on, just a display for all to see that you can’t handle your personal issues and need to lash out like a little boy. Poor fella

OrangeManBad meltdown syndrome, letting your little bleeding heart lib cunt twat girlfriend lead you around by the balls and blind partisan sheep faith are nice personal issues to have huh?