Russian Spy Spinning Yarns on BBC

Just a note so we all remember -

Maria Butina, convicted Russian spy, working directly for Aleksandr Torshin, was sleeping with and working directly with GOP operative Paul Erickson (who was pardoned by Trump for federal charges of wire fraud and money laundering), Qanon and Trump lover Patrick Byrne, the NRA, The GOP, David Clark, Sandy Froman and Jim Porter.

Not that I give 2 shots about Maria Butina but I can’t let Mr Integrity here get away with this.

She wasn’t a spy. Prosecutors already have made that crystal clear.

“Butina was not a spy in the traditional sense of trying to gain access to classified information to send back to her home country. She was not a trained intelligence officer,” prosecutors wrote in a memo. “But the actions she took were nonetheless taken on behalf of the Russian Official for the benefit of the Russian Federation, and those actions had the potential to damage the national security of the United States.”

When you go around calling people liars and questioning their integrity you should be super careful not to be a violator yourself.

Thanks for the correction. There is a bit of difference between mis-stating something and lying. Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to understand or even admit that. The lack of integrity comes when you, as a crusader of both Russian interests and GOP interests, simply disregards our enemies involvement in our country. You know, kind of like how Trump dismantled the cyber protections against Russia and they then committed the largest espionage hack in the history of our country and you want to pretend it didn’t happen.

That would lend to questioning your integrity. You wanting to debate semantics while then pushing overt lies like the election fraud shows your lack of integrity. In fact, you simply not caring out the country much, our values, none of it really brings into question your integrity. It also makes you look like a sleazy shitbag


Sheepus Partisanas

Aren’t you the guy that loves to point out qualifiers?

“Butina was not a spy in the traditional sense…"

So that means she was an untraditional spy?

“She was not a trained intelligence officer”

Neither are most spies!

GSC, you of all people who use terms like asset interchangeably, you know this.

Check this out:

In the intelligence world, a spy is strictly defined as someone used to steal secrets for an intelligence organization. Also called an agent or asset, a spy is not a professional intelligence officer, and doesn’t usually receive formal training (though may be taught basic tradecraft).
Espionage Facts | International Spy Museum

Sounds to me like she was EXACTLY a spy, no?

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Shes a fucking spy. Jesus.

Anything to defend trump and his lunatic brigade.

It is a qualifier but in the other direction. They brought this case under espionage and then had to back track and explain that, although not a traditional spy, she was “full in the blank bullshit explanation”

But keep on.

Keep on says the guy who just ignored the actual definition of a spy.

strange how these “America First” guys seem to put America last and have almost zero concern or care for the actual object of that slogan…America