Russia/the Civil War

I thought this was an interesting opinion piece comparing Russia’s current situation to the Confederacy during the Civil War.

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Ridiculous article by a writer unqualified to render judgment. If anything Russia is prospering, the Ruble has increased in value, and its oil revenues are soaring. Now that Putin has released the Red Army under supreme command of General S. Surovikin aka General Armageddon, the strategy has changed and the Russians will now degrade completely Ukraine transportation and power. The Russians intend to capture and then integrate the oblasts of Nicolaev and Odessa into the Russian Federation. At present, the favorability sentiment of the Russian people toward Putin is estimated to be at 80 percent.

What your reading in MSM is complete propaganda, especially stories of Russian troops surrendering. Some of the news releases have Ukrainian soldiers dress as Russians. Listen to MacGregor, and you’ll get an accurate picture of what is happening in Ukraine.

"Of the Vietnam War, Henry Kissinger, former national security advisor and secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford, said, “We should never have been there.” Before long, Americans, even the politicians inside the Beltway, will reach the same conclusion about Washington’s Ukrainian proxy war against Russia. No one in the White House, the Senate, or the House consciously set out to turn the proxy Ukrainian war with Moscow into a contest of “competitive societal collapse” between Russia and NATO. But here we are. No one imagined that the Biden administration and the bipartisan war party would drive Americans and Europeans into a political, military, and economic valley of death, from which there is no easy escape. Yet that is precisely what is happening."*

“For the moment, Washington remains blind to these developments. Whether in print, radio, television, or online, the narrative is clear: despite horrific losses—at least 400,000 Ukrainian battlefield casualties including 100,000 soldiers killed in action—Ukrainian forces are winning. Moreover, the narrative says, America’s financial and economic dominance will ultimately overwhelm the deceptively weak Russian economy.”(

“As long as Washington delivers cash, military assistance, and equipment to Ukraine, Kiev will fight its unwinnable war, and Washington’s ruling political class will profit from the transfer of cash to the Pentagon and the U.S. Defense Industrial Base. But Washington, its NATO allies, and Ukrainians will gain nothing of strategic value, while Russia is likely to grow stronger. That is a development Washington will regret.”

The above three paragraphs are extracted from articles by MacGregor.

Yeah. None of what you said above is happening. None of it.

Again, you have a hard on for a thug who wants to exterminate an entire people, and no one is sure why.

But you know what really is huh bratty cunt?