Ron Watkins (aka CodeMonkeyBS)


The lizard peeps got him!!!

Please tell me people were giving him money to subscribe to this sham. :laughing:

He’s Jim Watkin’s son, right? Some analysis have said Q was two people. Both of them would make sense.

This “respect the constitution” BS is just him begging not to be prosecuted.

I have a theory that all that blackout nonsense was a call to the radical right to do it themselves. I could be wrong, but I think Q was attempting to incite violence to weaken the country (not surprising when you’re funded by Russia).

Sorta like Pelosi, K.Harris, and Lebron James then you mean?


But we agree then right?

Not a blanket agreement offhand, but Pelosi et al would be in a similar class to Trump. I would need to look at specific statements to judge.

But the thing is, I don’t get the whataboutism, because I’m not even talking about politicians. I’m talking about Q.

Because singling Q out, while not doing the same thing on the other side is is a ridiculous double standard

I didn’t single Q out. This thread is about Q. I made a comment.