Rogan, Young and the Onslaught

So, what’s the thoughts on the attacks on Joe Rogan. Seems like it’s escalating a bit

I’ve listened to Rogan since he was early youtube and never got the impression he was racist in any way.

His roots are as a stand-up comedian so he’s probably said a ton of offensive shit. I liked him on New Radio and saw his standup before his Fear Factor days. I don’t know anything about the podcast so can’t really comment.

I’m surprised at how big this has gotten. Wonder if the pressure forces Spotity’s hand and they cut him….

Where’s the attack on Stern for dressing in black face?

Oh yea- Stern totes the vaccine and the broad liberal agenda now a days…. So he’s safe.

This is the shit I try to highlight constantly guys.

Establishment media pushing establishment goals creating establishment heroes and enemies for the public to entertain themselves on.

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I for one am surprised he wasn’t dragged through the coals for this - he should have.

What’s unfair? Stern got shit for the blackface, Rogan’s getting shit for the comments. This is how things work these days.

Such a loon. Neil Young isn’t part of the “establishment media.” India Arie isn’t part of the “established media.” Joni Mitchell isn’t part of the “established media.” The people pulling their Spotify subscriptions aren’t part of the “establishment media.”
This is what’s called the “invisible hand of capitalism” which is more visible with the internet and social media. You’re just trying to blame the “establishment media” because you’re typically not an honest person.
Face it, just like in the past, you’re showing how much you actually despise capitalism, just like when you want to take over private industry.

He was at the time. However, in 1993, very few people cared.

Also, it seems like he was making fun of Ted Danson who had done blackface? So he was criticizing it. At least that was his take.

Rumble offered him $100 million over 4 years today.

Rogan’s got to have at least a year or two left on his current contract, so I don’t think he can jump to Rumble even if he wants to.

Another woke mob/liberal temper tantrum

Rumble finally got their revenue up to only $1.8 million just this year. :rofl: