RNC Bloodbath

I don’t usually like Guardian articles but…

Impressive to me what Trump is pulling with the Republican party. Many of them decried him after the Capitol Insurrection but he has won back most of that lost favor. His team was installed at the head of the RNC and now they are purging non-loyalists.

To give credit where it’s due, it’s huge power play that I’m surprised Trump is still capable of.

Republicans are going all-in to win this thing. And if they lose, they might just go bankrupt.

Trump has good instincts and is astute in judging voter sentiment. Biden has made a mess of things both domestically and abroad. Funding a war in Ukraine that cannot be won is patently absurd and would never have occurred under Trump. Moreover, trying to stop Israel from wiping out terrorists whose aim is to destroy the nation of Israel is again a case of faulty judgment. You’ll recall Obama too tried to subvert Neytanyahu’s leadership, and Hamas grew into a global monster similar, I think, to Obama’s previous faux pas allowing ISIS to metastasize into another world menace. Both Obama and Biden’s foreign policies are/were truly colossal failures.

Even more stupid is Biden’s throttling of petro-energy and his proposal to electrify citizen travel. The resulting inflation has caused havoc to millions of poor and even middle class Americans. Biden has carried us, and to a lessor degree Trump is guilty as well, ever closer to imminent national bankruptcy as servicing of national debt draws closer to being untenable.

Then, we have the invasion of illegal aliens into the country which puts even greater strain on the backs of people who actually pay taxes, that is, fifty percent of citizens. Biden perpetrates the great myth that the top moneymakers don’t pay their “fair share” when if anything they pay more than their fair share.

Trump has charisma and has won the hearts of tens of millions. More and more people suffer under the Biden inflation, particularly African Americans who comprise the most reliable Democrat voters, and people who previously rejected Trump, will be persuaded to vote now for Trump on the basis of Trump being the lessor of two evils. Certainly, things were better and more prosperous in America under Trump’s stewardship, and people previously adverse to Trump realize it.

Again, the biggest issue in the presidential campaign is immigration. The same is true in Europe. It long past time that the RNC be controlled by MAGA persons whom I think are on the right side of the biggest issue facing the world.


Obviously, not. That’s why he’s a lounge lizard in Florida and not President.

That’s because, just as you are, Trump is a traitor to the United States and is beholden to Russia and autocrats across the world. Both you have more loyalty to Putin than to the United States and are both about as reliable in your pathology to lying

Another lie. To you, all Palestinians are terrorists. It’s an issue with your lack of morality and penchant for dishonesty.

Another lie. HAMAS dates back to 1987 and won the Palestinian legislative election in 2006. They took control of the GAZA Strip in 2007. ISIS formed in 2006 after the disastrous invasion of Iraq under the GOP leadership. It’s height was within “2006-2008 when it declared the city of Baqubah as its capital and governed territories in its strongholds of Mosul, Al-Anbar as well as regions in Baghdad and Diyala.” The area under its control began diminishing in 2007 following the American troop surge.

Always a lie with you, always.

Another lie

What’s the point of even doing the rest of it. The only consistent thing about you is you can’t go 10 words without lying and you will betray your country and everyone in it at the drop of a hat for a murderous autocrat.

Indeed Biden has constrained the production of oil which is considerably less than the industry could produce without Biden’s abject stupidity in fomenting world inflation by trying to punish Russia by materially supporting a proxy war in Ukraine that can not be won. Additionally, Biden alienated energy companies foolishly drawing down our Strategic Reserves which deprived oil companies of profits that were decades overdue.

As a result of Biden’s rank incompetence, he now wants to increase taxes and insinuates that our most prosperous citizens are not paying their “fair share” in taxes. Increasing taxes on the rich will be followed by increasing taxes on the masses, especially, death taxes and capital gains, and families will see their savings depleted by government redistribution of wealth, ergo Marxism.

Here’s an article on the failed foreign policies of both Obama and Biden.

You mean, despite us pushing out more oil than any time in our history and more than any other nation in the history of the world? You’re full of shit, old man.

More bullshit. Russian invaded Ukraine in Feb of 2022.

This doesn’t even make sense. The govt pays the oil companies first and then directs it to the strategic reserves. Russia invaded a sovereign country and spiked the oil prices, and Biden stabilized them. Only you would think the oil companies are somehow being ripped off. Total dunce

Just a simple lie, there. I used to think you were intelligent and just wrong a lot. After all this time, I am often reminded of how incorrect I was. Your understanding of virtually all things are remedial at best, coupled with overwhelming dishonesty.

I’m not sure you’ve ever been correct in a single sentence

You’ll notice Trump at the very bottom or Presidential rankings.