Right Wing Russian Poster Children

Lol! Warden- you say I’ll believe anything. You are now a victim of the American anti m-propaganda machine.

You can literally watch it. You really aren’t able to think like a regular person, are you? Assbergers or something maybe? Were you dropped as a kid?

What a fucking idiot

What happens if Tucker is simply correct in his analysis?

I think that’s the part you’re missing.

I still don’t understand why you guys are making this America vs Russia. It’s not our war or our operation. Not one ounce of American blood should be spilled for Ukraine.

I told you guys a while ago, there is no interest or appetite for this war. I’ve literally been proven right. The White House knows it as well no matter how much they attempt to provoke it and pull us in.

Not happening.

Already proven to be a lie

Russia attacked us twice in the last several years, including the longest and most effective espionage operation in our nation’s history under Trump. We still don’t know if they are out of our computers.
Despite your allegiance, Russia is our enemy.

But, you’re a literal imbecile. You claimed nobody cared and it became the largest story in the world.


You’re as wrong as possible on nearly every subject ever engaged upon within this message board. But, I do appreciate you chiming in. It allows the rest of us to clearly see how the Trump wing of the GOP is merely the Putin/traitor wing and you’re as emblematic of that as anyone.

This guy is still using talking points from 2017. He’s unreachable.


This is is one special kind of Lawrence O’Donnell indoctrinated partisan sheepdom right here

GSC and Skeeter really get it. They understand why we cannot let this thing spin out of control. Ukraine is causing economic stress across the entire globe. It needs to be settled, and Putin is holding all the cards. Ukraine is a corrupt country whose belligerence Russia perceives as a threat. The proxy war against Russia needs to cease. No more weapons for Ukraine. The allies need to help rebuild the country. Sanctions need to be set aside as there’s an exigent need for fertilizer, nickel, and paladium. Let Russia and Ukraine harvest their wheat crop and export it to lands on the verge of famine.

White trash, traitor scumbag

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