Rep. Liz Cheney loses her primary in Wyoming to Trump-backed challenger

Expected outcome, but what does this say about the Republican voters of that state. You elected a person to do what Cheney was sworn to do: Defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic, she does exactly that, and loses her seat. I’m amazed that someone can do their job and lost it for doing it.


They’ve sold their souls. Willfully ignoring how blatantly unamerican trump acted,

Now they love GOP ^^^

Comedy Central

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I’m an Independent Equal Opportunity Voter. The candidate that’s the closest to the values I deem beneficial to all, not just me, those are the people I vote for. Cheney would have my vote if I lived in Wyoming. She put country over party.

Cheney is being manipulated and it’s sad. She’s using a personal grudge to make decisions.

What’s ironic is that the Cheney family was synonymous with evil for decades by the left.

Now, they like her because she opposes Trump.

The media and the left only like Republicans who lose.

I don’t personally hate her and she votes with Republicans on the majority of issues, but to think people really care about her moral fortitude or that her vote is much more than a vendetta is pretty rich.

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Trump didn’t act unAmerican at all. How is someone supposed to act after being swindled.

The way the American people acted. They voted the swindler out of office.

I would have to have proof that he was swindled in order to answer this question. So far his legal team has provided 0 evidence in a court of law.

This is Bikki’s way of having a temper tantrum because his guy didn’t win. It’s pathetic.

It’s deeper than this Indiana. She’s a Cheney. She’s tied to the Bush’s. The Bush’s, Clinton’ Obama’s are all a cabal…. A cartel.

She is dirty. She entered Congress $6 million net worth and is exiting at $45 million in 6 years.

She tried to control Trump. They all tried that tactic first. Now she’s protecting her own interests.

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As someone who has lived in Wyoming, not unexpected (the “polls” were right all along too, just saying). Started to ride at grand targhee, cross state. Learned to ride at Jackson Hole though while living on a res. I’m amazed that a handful of pubs have stood up for democracy. Hats off to them on this, but let’s not forget she voted with trump over 80% of the time. So this “bush/Clinton/whatever conspiracy theory group we want to demonize” was a trumper too. So she got rich off of said trumpian politics. So the guy draining the swamp, never drained anything except his dick in teenage paadgets dressing rooms.

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Lol. DJ, is entertaining to read at times.

So are everyone’s excuses for what happened on 1/6.

51 always has the brattiest “punchlines”

Fuckin dork

Also…No one gives a shit about 1/6. Move on people…Imagine still being worried about 1/6

not according to data

At the same time, a public consensus has emerged that former President Donald Trump acted at least unethically in trying to hold on to his office after the 2020 election (79% feel he acted either unethically or illegally, including 45% who believe his actions were illegal), that he encouraged political violence in his public statements ahead of January 6 (61%) and that he could have done more to stop the attack once it had begun (77%).

All told, the poll finds that 69% of Americans consider the January 6 attack to be a crisis or major problem for American democracy. That’s up slightly since earlier this year, when 65% said the same. More broadly, 54% say they see American democracy as under attack, about the same as the 52% who felt that way earlier this year.

January 6th, 2021 is not going to be swept under the rug. It happened, and it doesn’t ever need to happen again. Any and all parties responsible should be held accountable. That goes for everyone.

I don’t believe those numbers

But hey a lot of fuckin morons out there. Imagine thinking it was a crisis…Over by sundown

Then again anything can be turned into a “crisis” and milked accordingly.

It’s pretty easy to keep your opinions without any resource if you just take the approach of, “nuh-h.” Must make your life pretty simple only having to account for your own positions and the rest of the world be damned.

And it’s also pretty easy to believe every poll you read.

But whether I believe them isn’t important, like I said the media is powerful and there’s a lot of fucking morons on this world.