Remember when they tried to

Blame her cause she was a woman?



This is truly a disgusting attempt at phony sexism police.

This is Christine Blasey Ford part 2.

Does anyone believe a 23 year old staffer had that much power that she would know what the president was doing and thinking?

Use your brains and commons sense.

Trump wouldn’t have been able to grab the wheel in the beast. There is no second row. It’s a farce. No one in the know even calls it the beast. That’s your first clue that this lady is lying.

Would this girl be so distraught over the incident that she would then apply for a job at Trump’s resort after Jan 6? I’m guessing no.

Would this bombshell information stay totally secretive in today’s environment for a year and a half?

People need to use critical thinking skills. Unfortunately they have none. This is a show trial.

No shit…

I don’t even feel strongly about this…(Nor do I feel strongly about Trump even attempting to grab the wheel)

But this is all well said Indy…When does a light bulb click on for people?

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This jerk off really just tried to blame this on sexism

Can we all agree this is fucking disgusting?

Wait until they say he raped her. Plot twist!!

So she didn’t get a job waiting tables at the country club any more?

So she didn’t get a job waiting tables at the country club any more?

What in the living fuck is this maniac talking about?

Oh wait…He’s calling out all us sexist pigs.

Fighter for all women everywhere even though not one person made a sexist reference here nor did Trump?? What is wrong with these people?

@thre305ive please tell me you see the absurdity here?

If Trump had chosen to incite an insurrection, more would have died than just poor murdered Ashli Babbitt. Trump was a president who lived up to his promises, and America under Trump was substantially a greater country than under the failure Obama and Uberfailure Biden. If Trump wanted an insurrection, it would have been the real deal, perhaps even a civil war. Yet, Trump walked away from the presidency peacefully. In a retrospect look at Trump’s tenure as president, I am compelled to call him “the best human on the face of the earth.”