Rashada Sues Napier and the Gators

NIL has dramatically changed college football. It could be convincingly said that it brought out into the open legally what was being done illegally in the shadows.

Recall how excited Hurricane fans were learning that Jaylen Rashada committed to Miami. Things iced over when he decommitted and committed to the Gators. Then he abandoned the Gators and enrolled at Arizona State where he lost the starting QB position to another transferee. .And, what do you know, he’s on the move again and presently is on the roster at the University of Georgia.

Now that the lawsuit has been filed, a great deal of background information has come to light about NIL dealings. Rather than my describing same, I offer this video from You Tube to provide a situational update. Maybe losing this guy was a blessing.

Dodged a drama bullet for sure.

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