Ranking Realistic Remaining '24 Targets

Based mostly on talent then nee….and local pipelines also play a tiny part/get rounded up here

  1. WR Jeremiah Smith (Osu commit)
  2. DE Dylan Stewart (USCe) commit
  3. DT Armando Blount (FSU Commit)
  4. LB Aldarius Hayes (UF Commit)
  5. DB Xavier Mincey
  6. DE/TE Amare Williams
  7. WR/CB Lawayne McCoy (FSU commit)


  1. DT D’Nas White
  2. DB Xavier Lucas (Wisconsin Commit)
  3. QB Cedrick Bailey (NC St. Commit)
  4. TE Benji Blackburn (Stanford Commit)
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Patterson was 9th on this list, but realize who the guys were in front of him…ELITE ELITE ELITE prospects and most are defensive tackles.

Stone announces tonite…#1 overall target imo.

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Skeeter, what are the odds that Miami can get Jeremiah Smith? It seems like he isn’t 100% solid on OSU, but the top WR don’t seem to pick Miami lately. Just curious if you think it’s possible or just a pipe dream.

I honestly don’t know…I’m sure his teammates are in his ear. Possible yes? How possible? No idea

Won’t happen without showing something on the field, because have to think every team out there is breaking the bank.

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All this is updated based on recent commits and misses (We are doing well everywhere imo except for defensive tackle, some heartbreakers there)

Win 9-10 or hope Hartline gets another job. Word us he could be fired if he continues to have issues. Wouldn’t shock me to see him take a HC job somewhere after esd.

Updated 9/26

There are a couple juco kids being mentioned on both lines, if the interest seems to take the next step I will add them.

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UM lands current #4 on my list, juco OT Markel Bell. Big get imo!

Wow, what a great get. No worry about transitioning to the upper division with this guy. Getting the best player out of the Mississippi Juco league is a formidable achievement. This league for years has provided a pipeline of players to SEC teams, especially to Bama.

One of the best things about our present team is its physicality. When was the last time we were pushing Clemson around. That last drive against Virginia was a smash mouth thing of beauty. I think there’s something to be said about a head coach that was an offensive lineman who played on some good UM teams.

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McConathy flips from Louisville to UM. Late riser and nice get. Was in the top group on my list.

Have a feeling @bikki228 will like this country boy DE!

You’re right, Skeeter, this kid is country tough. Underrated at 3 stars. Should add weight rapidly in our strength program. Looks physical in his films.

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Bumped for the early signing day stretch run!

Most likely:

As good a shot as any:
A.Williams (re-classifiying to '24)

If we have room I believe they flip:

No idea:
Lucas (we are in top 3, not sure if he could commit right now, but we are definitely recruiting him)

J.Smith (I still don’t think, but I have no idea)

Major Longshot

No idea on others, a few in the 2nd group are backup plans.

Kendall Jackson to UM…EDIT: Then to TAMU

UM flips Hayes

Somehow loses Lucas, as he stays with Wisconsin. Weird one there, especially with all the momentum right there.