Racist to all involved

Complete insult to any student of any color making the grade and busting their ass to try to…And especially to those black kids telling them they “shouldn’t be expected to”


This is THE fucking definition of racism…Not some bullshit new age progressive explanation of the word.

You may as well call the fucking kids neandrethals…This is gross.

Imagine telling a black child or teenager…

“It’s ok honey…You can’t be expected to do as well that white, latino, asian, (or Nigerian) kid sitting next to you…After all, you’re black”

FUCKING SICK RACIST PEOPLE. What a disgusting insult.

My man Riley taking them to church…Per uzh

We’re talking here of the racism of low expectations. If skin color is immaterial, then why are we always measuring it. Achievement is measured numerically. The brain is tested not the skin.

Perfectly said.

You’re very easily misled.

First - the site you listed as the source: https://westcooknews.com/stories/626581140-oprf-to-implement-race-based-grading-system-in-2022-23-school-year#.YpVgDeX3xu0.twitter

This isn’t news. This is a fake local website designed by Metric Media LLC and LGIS, both conservative organizations who design websites to look like local news, sourced by writers from other countries and an algorithm to promote conservative agendas.

They are owned and started by Brian Timpone

How you know, and how YOU should have known


You can’t fail and SAT. Also, sophmores don’t take the SAT. Juniors take a practice SAT and seniors actually take it. The link this article cites 38% of sophomores taking the SAT failed, then denotes the racial breakdown of the failure.

The link clearly shows 11th grade

The foreigner writing this didn’t even know who takes the SAT or that there is no such thing as failing
This article conflates quite a bit, takes a minor story and adds all kinds of total bullshit.

You’re not bright


They don’t care. They care about what they believe in, truth be damned.


This is hilarious. A literal fake-news website and all the ensuing conservative rage.

The school has no race-based grading. They are relaxing the penalties for attendance and switching to a purely competence-based approach, but all kids are treated equally within the policy, white black or otherwise.

Lol…He said “purely competence-based approach and relaxing attendance”

Like it’s a good thing. And like it isn’t racist lol

None of the drivel warden posted matters here…My point stands and I didn’t say A WORD about the SAT. You want us all to be the same, treat everyone the same. Demand the same of everyone… Not rocket science here you sick, delusional fucks.

This shit is racist and an insult…It’s that simple.

I don’t know about you, but I want school grading to be competence based.

How is it racist?

That’s exactly what this school’s grading policy is doing. Which part do you have a problem with?

Turning in assignments and showing up isn’t part of class?

What if dirt poor white kids do this?

Eliminating a zero is a good thing, right? Retaking tests? Turning in shit late? None of these are bad things, right? Some progressive genius in California quoted in the article as saying “unlimited retakes for quizzes and tests?” Sounds like “merit-based” to me.


I don’t know. I thought we were talking about racism.

Same as if dirt poor black students, or rich white students, or rich black students do it. Again, that’s why it’s not racism.

I don’t know. I thought we were talking about racism.

I don’t know. I thought we were talking about racism.

I don’t know. I thought we were talking about racism.

I don’t know. I thought we were talking about racism.

Exactly, which is why this isn’t racism, right?

I love standardized testing which is NOT racist.

When I taught I never gave students zeroes. Zeroes skew averages, making it impossible for much redemption. A better mode is to start with a minimum grade of 50 just for putting one’s name on an exam. Assignments need to be done on a timely basis. Students must know from the start what is expected of them in terms of evaluation.

Teachers should teach for the test. The test represents what learning is to be achieved and measured. The old adage of “never teaching for the test” is complete idiocy. All semester examinations should be prepared in advance of teaching. The test should provide the teacher with an outline for instruction. Standardized testing should be system-wide, state-wide, and nationwide. Teaching is not some willy nilly anarchial activity. It is goal oriented. I taught science classes not subjective BS sessions, self-concept boosting, or critical race theory hate seminars. My students knocked it out of the park taking AP classes. Escambia County Schools won several state championships in Brain Brawl competitions, and yours truly happened to be one of the coaches… One of my students who attended the Latin Certamen in Miami studied a Greek grammar book on the 13 hr. bus drive to the event. He had never studied any Greek before. He WON the Greek competition answering every question without an error. This kid was a marvel. He’s now close to being a billionaire living in Hyderabad, India. His hobbies are playing chess, a grandmaster, and writing mathematics books in has native Telugu.


Starts of with a lie and then writes a bunch of BS below it. Didn’t read.

Very seldom do you find a person so enamored with themselves as we do in Bikki


I don’t know. I thought we were talking about racism.


I don’t know. I thought we were talking about racism.


Few more cop outs in there obviously, but I’m sure we all see the point

Starts of with a lie

Standardized testing is clearly not racist…Perfect example of another progressive fairy tale.

Are they the be-all/end- all…No? Do they need tweaked or are there other methods? Sure. But this is just another racism police fairy tale that twats like djrion set their tantrum timer to

It’s not a cop out. I’m not in here discussing various educational strategies, I’m in here saying I don’t see racism.

The only cop out is you refusing to say which part of their policy is racist.

And if you’re interested, bikki gave a good argument for why zeroes shouldn’t be given out.

I don’t really disagree with anything bikki said in there.

It’s surprising, but when he sticks to a subject he knows (education) and doesn’t get political, he can actually be somewhat informed.

Which anyone with a fucking brain knows already and shouldn’t need to read Bikki’s reasons why

I’m confused. I thought you were against eliminating zeroes? Wasn’t that your point?