Putin To Have Cancer Surgery And Hand Over Power Says Kremlin Insider

Y’all see this?

Interesting if true….

Head fake?

Would like him out of power, obviously, but would the new guy be any better?

If Putin appointed him? No way. May be worse.

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I don’t understand this question.

It makes zero difference , in my humble opinion, who Russia’s leader is (outside of placing a puppet)….

Russia has certain geopolitical and security related goals and needs. The decisions they make will always center around those needs.

Those needs and goals sharply contrast with Western Europe as well as the United States. Regardless of who is put at the head, the policies will remain very similar.

For instance, no new Russian leader is going to feel comfortable with a million + NATO troops a couple hundred miles from their Capitol.

No Russian leader is going to want to cede land or control to around the regions where their pipelines exist.

No Russian leader will ever be ok with a Pro-NATO, pro-West Ukraine or Belarus.

We could go on and on but these are just hard realities that won’t be remedied or lessened by a leadership change.

I don’t disagree GSC. The concern obviously would be whether or not a Putin successor would be more or less reckless……

GSC, that has to be the most detailed post you’ve ever made. I can’t argue against any point, not that I wanted to of course.

Except that it is a very pessimistic and fatalistic outcome which may or may not be true or occur.

Nah, this is a cop out.

A leader who isn’t corrupt can do more for their country than a leader who is corrupt. All the next leader needs to do is not steal from the people and they’ll be a better leader.

Russia could be a good country and a great ally if they turned things around.

This isn’t the context though. The context is in relation to the West and USA, not the Russian people.

305, So if a leader is a veritable Sir Galahad, of unquestioned moral purity, and would never steal, would he be a good leader if he was lazy, slept to noon each day, then played golf, and gave the treasury away frivolously to social justice chiselers, and other generic chiselers as well. Corrupt people sometimes are good leaders. I think Putin is an example of same. His ranking is determined by his performance compared to his nation’s past leaders. Putin then would be a much better leader than Biden, because Biden is by far this nation’s worst president in history which is really a remarkable achievement inasmuch as we just recently endured 8 years of Obama failure.

The same holds true. If Russia actually improved themselves as a country, attempted to curb corruption and improve as Ukraine has been doing, then they could one day have a better relationship with the West. Russia could conceivably join NATO. There’s no immutable law that says they have to be our enemy, as people like bikki often mention.

No. It actually takes a bunch of qualities to make a good leader. You have picked up on a bit of hyperbole.

But I was making a point that Putin could have improved his country just by not pillaging it anymore.

And you are 120% correct

Lol at them trying to justify the alternative away

Now, that’s funny. You almost described Trump to the “T.” Trump started the day at 11, not 12, but that’s essentially it. Nice description.

Bikki’s idea of a good leader IS the corrupt one, who sleeps till 11, golfs all the time, hands the treasury over to the corrupt “Foreclosure King.” Their social justice chiselers were the white nationalists they supported…totally, overtly corrupt.

Nice to know that there are others like me.

Many have speculated about the unique Russian Soul and the difficulty of understanding Russians. Churchill once wrote that “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.” Patriotism flourishes among the Russian people, much more so than here in America. That is of course my own opinion, and I suppose, it is that of others like me, persons I just found out about thanks to 305

The difference is, 305 qualified it with IF RUSSIA changes and isn’t as corrupt, improved themselves as a country…maybe stopped murdering people who speak out against Putin, treating women like property, empowering white nationalists…you know, all the things you LOVE about Russia…THEN, “Russia could conceivably join NATO.”

Of course, you love Russia for the very reasons the world doesn’t, saying as much about you as a person as it does about Russia as a country.

This idea 305 is diametrically the opposite of the liberal Hawthorne Studies in management which favor a humanistic versus an authoritarian approach. BTW, I think humanistic psychology is bunkum. Good leaders can and do transition from job to job and their success is predictable. Putin is a good leader when considered in context. Look at how more splendid has been the success of Russia in the last twenty years, Putin years, over that of Ukraine. Ukraine’s economy is to a much greater extent controlled by a few billionaire oligarches. Also, the Nazis whom we support wield considerable influence in Ukraine. There are no Nazis in Russia.

It is incredible to me that the West is letting this Ukraine conflict destroy Europe and severely damage the U.S. economy. The price of gas is now $110 a barrel and is being paid for in Rubles. It’s a shame that so many of you still don’t get it. Putin has never lost a war, and he is going to win this one because there are no bargaining chips held by the West. We’re heading now into a recession. If you think things are bad now, wait a few more months until the November crescendo and restoration of sane governance.

Russia has been a cesspool, where conscripts haven’t seen lampposts or toilets before. Their army is made up of 30% ghosts, second in supernatural members only to the Afghan National Army. They have plastic explosives made of wood blocks, rifles and helmets from WWII, and a platoon of tanks that don’t run anymore.

The great Russian military is an empty shell of what it once was 40 years ago. In a move to protect himself from a coup, Putin has famously weakened the military while strengthening police forces. He often murders his generals and anyone competent. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king.

Putin is destroying Russia’s economy as they demand payment in rubles. Countries are, expectedly, refusing. Poland and Bulgaria have already made other plans rather than buy from Russia. In a year’s time, their income from Europe will be a pittance of what it once was.

Every day that passes, Russia’s bargaining position grows weaker and weaker. If you think things are bad for Putin now, wait until 2023.

Bikki is either drunk or senile. Or Both. I don’t know how you can possibly surmise this given their performance in Ukraine.