Proxy War

" A Russian wife turns to her husband and asked…What’s this special military operations our glorious leader keeps talking about?

Her husband replied, “It’s a proxy war between Russia and NATO.”

“Oh, right. How’s that going?”

“Well,” he replied, “so far we’ve lost 350,000 soldiers, 6523 tanks, 12,400 armored vehicles and more than 8,100 artillery systems, 300 aircrafts, along with our 'flagship.”

“Wow, What about NATO?”

“They haven’t turned up yet.”

Drones are really changing the game. Ukraine’s Unmanned Surface Vessels are limited but still have a huge impact on naval operations.

Russia’s Black Sea fleet has been forced to retreat to Russia proper. They’re unable to block Ukraine’s grain corridor. And this is against a country (for all intents and purposes) without a navy!

Slavs are tough people. It’s interesting watching Slav vs Slav

I don’t want to fight those bastards. They have bears and cougars as pets.