Reportedly, he is returning to App State to become their OC.

Can he take Gattis with him???

I don’t want to read too much into him bailing out. But, I can dream …

Expect Gattis to be gone before spring. Portal will heat up in April.

This is an interesting development. Hopefully whether a push out or just circumstance mario uses this to push offense in a better direction

IF he is gone…

Then it’s ridiculous that he is still here now.


Ponce was more spread than pro/pro spread.

Fingers crossed Mario finds someone that can run an offense that can get creative when needed.

I just don’t understand how he can sit there while others are being hired…

Buy out issue?

I haven’t heard but I haven’t asked. Coaching is a small circle. Mario is likely just giving him ample time to find a new job which is the long play as a coach. Don’t burn bridges or you will run out. Yes, there are only so many good coaches in the world even if some people believe they are all the same.