Playoff thoughts

Notre Dame is going to get absolutely destroyed against bammer. yes they won 10 games but their ‘ranked’ wins are as fraudulent as it gets. they beat Clemson without their best player at QB and that was still a dog fight at home for them. UNC lost to UVa and FSU…two awful teams but somehow UNC is considered a great win because they smashed us.

Ohio St has no business making it in over A&M. only 6 games played and they struggled immensely against outmatched teams like Indiana and Northwestern. you saw what florida did against alabama last night…aggies handled them better than saban did.

i’m thinking clemson pulls it out again for another title.

Am I’m going to enjoy every second of that.

Like I said. Pretenders.

They’re being chosen because of ratings. They have a huge following as we all know. And they’ll stink it up against Bama.


Don’t underestimate the ratings factor that Garden mentions. Before Nebraska opted out, they were being considered for a bowl…at 3-5. They lost badly to Illinois who fired their coach. They had three wins…vs. Penn State, Purdue and Rutgers. Yet they were going bowling if they wanted. Usually I’d say it’s also because they travel well, but are fans even going to these games this year? Normally, they’d go to Moscow if the Cornhuskers were playing vs the Kremlin all-stars.