Playoff Predictions 2022-23

  1. Georgia vs 4. USC
  2. Michigan vs 3. TCU
    Title Game: Georgia vs Michigan
    Champion: Georgia

Every top team has one more game except OSU, Bama, tenn.

Hard to project winners/losers. Iā€™d assume at least one upset from the top 4.

Lsu vs UGA
Utah vs USC
Kansas St vs TCU
Purdue vs Michigan

OSU > Bama?

My rankings:
2 Michigan without Gattis
3. TCU (likely 20th with two losses in B1G or SEC)
4. USC
5. OSU
6. Bama

Acc - wow it sucks this year and we still only got 5 wins.

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So much for my predictions! USC and TCU both lost. Ohio State will definitely get in now. Does Bama get in?

TCU stays in.