Player depth VS. Coaching quality?

Me personally, I’m not sure if we have average quality at our coaching positions and lack of depth across the board still…Or good coaching in the major positions, and we just don’t have the ballers yet.

I CLEARLY understand we don’t have depth, and are very thin at multiple positions. Honestly we need a 4 year window of returns under the current staff to find out. I think we are a good team, and with the depth issues, and health issues this year, I am really surprised we are at the record of 7-1

IF these players make the decision to come back and get better, we could have a beautiful monster on our hands next year!

I think like most things it is a mixture of both. We seem to be a pretty set coaching wise on the offensive side of the ball and the offensive coaches get a pass on recruiting and development for now since most of the staff is in their first year and either had one or zero recruiting classes.

The defensive side clearly we have skill/depth issues at CB that at a minimum can be chalked up to poor recruiting, but then there are other areas like LB were we have a ton of bodies, but none of them seem to be able to step up. In both of those places I think you need to put it on the coaches b/c they either aren’t recruiting like they should and/or they aren’t properly coaching them and all of those coaches outside the DL (who seems to be doing the best) and the DC (ehh) have been here for several seasons.

Mix of both. We’ll never hang with the Clemsons, OUSs and Bamas of the world without top talent. They’ll just overwhelm us.

But I’ll tell you what, I watched Northwestern stop Wisconsin’s vaunted rushing offense dead cold. Mostly due to exceptionally good reads and sound football by their senior linebackers. Those guys may make a practice squad somewhere, but athletically they’re a standard deviation below Brooks, Huff and Cave. But they’re smart and they’ve got great coaching. Meanwhile, Patke and Baker are idiots.

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Well D’No vs Manny clearly shows the world that coaching matters.

Brady vs Cam clearly shows the world that players matter.

Maximizing the scholarships allowed is just smart football. The fact we are on our third coach that has not gotten us over 80 players is mind boggling. I’ll throw the blame on the AD who should act like a GM and force the coach to take HS kids vs GT kids. Yes, I’m aware that Miami isn’t 7-1 this year without King. Manny is likely going to be the coach to get us over 80 with the help of Covid.

In the end, I believe Manny has to upgrade Rumph not because of his average coaching but due to his personality conflict with the generation he is recruiting and coaching. As a coach, you have to focus on upgrading everything all the time.

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90s, Skeeter et al, Do you believe DDS (a.k.a. BroolynDee) over at CanesInsight that the Jason Marshall fail was due to Banda, and that the Avantae Williams coup was much more due to Tae’s relationship with Rumph than with Banda? He also writes that many of the kids we on the boards wanted to offer early that Rumph didn’t offer weren’t his fault, but vetoes by Diaz. Truth or sour grapes?

DDS isn’t defending Rumph per se. He writes that all the staff on defense should be fired (not sure he if he’s including Stroud in this). He believes All are yes men that are incapable of standing up to Manny. But he also argues that Rumph is the least of the problems on the D staff, that Baker and Banda (whom he calls the bartender) are the worst.

Personally, I think Baker should go first, and Patke is the worst position coach. They do zero for me. But I highly doubt Diaz does anything over the offseason if we win outright or go 2-1 these next three games. And no matter what, the first to go is definitely Rumph, not because of his relative strengths/weaknesses as a coach, but because he’s not one of Manny’s boys.

Wasn’t BroolynDee the uncle of Hightower?

None of us are really plugged into the decision making process of the staff, including DDS. All we know is that Rumph has “run off” Christian Williams and Nigel Bethel, didn’t get Bandy to return with limited upside for going to the NFL early, hasn’t signed enough kids to keep the roster balanced, CBs aren’t turning their heads or swiping balls if they aren’t going to turn their heads,…

Banda has more than enough kids to work with, hasn’t run kids off, safety play has been close to the talent level of the kids… Banda has also been credited with helping to land non-safeties.

Baker sucks buck the team is 7-1 with the D performing pretty good in the 2nd half of most of the games. Is that Manny taking over, Manny adjusting, Manny involved… OR Baker?

If we have to pick one coach to GO, I still would lean towards Rumph. 5 years and the best kid he truly landed and developed would be an UDFA in Bandy. Corn and MJackson weren’t his kids

MJackson- Golden kid
Corn- Golden kid
(late addition to class)Young- hurt
Bandy- 3 and done as UDFA
(late addition to class)Dean- UDFA, XKL, CFL…
Ivey and Blades- have they really developed?
Gil- moved to S then Striker
(late addition to class)Bethel-transferred to CU
(late addition to class)Williams- in the Portal
Couch- just started
(late addition to class)Dunson-TBD
Malik Curtis (could play WR)

That doesn’t look so great especially when you consider that we have 5 on the roster right now and 1 lined up for the class. We could likely do the same at LB and question why we didn’t sign a kid in 2018 after having Wilder and Steed hurt with Jennings being an average prospect (not close to Elite) and knowing Shaq/Pickney were done soon. I still like LB better than CB as I can see the upside of Steed, Flagg, Brooks, and think Huff +TAC workout. You add in 3 LBs for '21 with the chance of adding a fourth. I’m actually more concerned about DE than LB!

As for the topic at hand:
I do think adding 15 more elite kids to the roster would have a big impact on the play. Yes, we are literally 15 below with 5 walk-ons getting ships. On D: 2 CB, 2-3 LB, 3-4 DL would have a BIG impact! On O: 2-3 WR, 4-5 OL, 1 RB would have a pretty big impact.

IF as you said have the players make the decision to return, YIKES! Truly, we need the DL+King+TE to return. If that were to happen, I really don’t care about the other positions. Overall we are improving at S, LB (hard to imagine), OL, RB, WR in '21. We could take big steps back at DL, QB, TE if they all depart.

Ford, Nesta, Phillips, Roche, King, Mallory, Jordan= likely gets us to be a Top 10 team in '21 along with the addition of 25 new kids. We would then need to add 1-2 GT cornerbacks OR get Blades/Ivey coached up!

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