Planned Parenthood Closings Across Nation

That’s weird.I was told that 97% of their business was for women’s health care outside of abortions.

Maybe that wasn’t true?

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A scourge on the nation has been eradicated.


In large part, yes. Sadly, you won’t get rid of it everywhere.


We’ve already held conversations with our children that we are open for business.

The networks are spreading like wildfire. Stocking up on medice and national shortage of plan b is already upon us.

Thanks Assholes, but the show MUST go on.

Funny that the article doesn’t mention closures of Planned Parenthood clinics at all. In fact, aside from the headline, I don’t think it mentions closures anywhere.

Planned Parenthood Arizona said it would stop providing abortion services

Other independent clinics around Phoenix said they were temporarily halting abortion services

That was enough to halt abortions at the Women’s Health Center of West Virginia

the clinic announced in a statement that it would continue to provide birth control, cancer screening and pregnancy and parenting support.

It’s funny, but in trying to prove a point, you’ve kind of disproven it instead. Next time read the article. :wink:

I actually did read the article. Some of those are temporarily closing, others are likely to reopen but will hemorrhage money without abortion and most likely have to close. There are others closing permanently, which is fantastic.

According to who? The article never said that.

Like, let’s be real here. Of course an abortion clinic is going to close. If that’s what they do, and it’s illegal, then closure is bound to happen.

I’m contesting your point that is trying to say that Planned Parenthood doesn’t do other stuff. That’s clearly untrue when you can see a lot of facilities still offering (non-abortion) services, which is clear from the article you linked.

And ignoring the point that they gonna kill women in the process, but they are good soldiers saving the unborn.

Regardless, I expect the abortion rate to increase with these draconian (and idiotic) measures.

Where do their $ come from?

I know they provide other services. I think they will start to move to the Trans fad if they don’t perform abortions.

Abortion is big business for them. Mammograms are not.

You don’t have facts to back you up, just bluster.

And they will save human lives by closing. More lives will be saved than lost by closing clinics.

This is an amazingly interesting comment.

If you expect the result of this decision to increase the rates of abortions overall- and you support abortions- then why would you not like the ruling?

Seems like it gave you the end result you were wishing for.

Nah, I just point you in the direction of the water every time we have this conversation. You simply ignore it and die of thirst every time. Or you don’t know how to read.


Some 68,000 women die of unsafe abortion annually, making it one of the leading causes of maternal mortality (13%).


Um, safety?

You guys are dense AF

Lol- if only you were so conscientious of the child’s safety too. Then we’d have something.

I’m honestly not sure. I thought they got some federal funds, just not for abortions? But I could be wrong.

As in supporting trans parents? I guess I don’t see how trans people fit into their mission, but I admittedly don’t know a lot about the organization.

Now GSC’s playing dumb. It’s clear DJ believes there will be more unsafe abortions now.

We’ve already tried this holier than thou BS

It doesn’t work

It is easy for Americans to forget that illegal abortion was common before the 1973 Supreme Court decisions that legalized the procedure across the nation—and that denying women access to legal abortion does not prevent them from having abortions, but just increases the likelihood that they will resort to an illegal abortion carried out under unsafe conditions. In a 1976 article, researchers from the Center for Disease Control examined national abortion data from the three years surrounding the rulings and estimated that the number of illegal procedures in the country plummeted from around 130,000 to 17,000 between 1972 and 1974.

The data is all there, for anyone to look.

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I love children and take their safety serious. I also love pro choice for women which allows them a choice and doesn’t restrict their freedom.

We’ve come a long way since then. We have amazing technology that can show the baby in the womb. More people are pro life now than in 1970.

Will there still be abortion? Sure. But those on the fence might not make that move if it’s not as easy.

There’s also a thing called adoption that’s an option.

How many babies were killed since Roe v Wade? Millions I believe.

And yet you want to move backwards. Go figure. Actually, the numbers on pro-choice / life debate have stayed remarkably the same over time.

While I might concede certain restrictions (the middle) are larger, those are still pro-choice votes. So again, the minority view is implementing its worldview on the majority. It is a common theme in this backasswords country.

2/3 of abortions are in blue states. They will certainly not be changing their abortion laws. If anything, they will fortify them.

Essentially, this will go back to the states (the people) to vote how they want for their state.

I don’t see a problem with that. If folks want to vote out pro-life governors and congress, they can do so.