Pfizer scientist confirms

natural immunity better than vaccine.

Yep - the data does seem to say that having antibodies after contracting COVID is better than antibodies from the vaccine.

Obviously the risk for some is getting COVID and having a severe case of it.

So why isn’t one of the options “if you test positive for COVID antibodies, you are exempt from vaccines and testing”


Antibodies have nothing to do with viral immunity other than to indicate exposure to the virus or the vaccine. Viral infection is cellular in nature wherein the virus invades individual cells. Therefore, immunity is not dependent on antibodies but rather on T-cel activity and memory. Antibodies provide immunity from poisoning, bacterial, and fungal infections.

Shocker…Natural immunity and the whole antibody angle was only argued for by us conspiracy theorists last summer.

I think Bikki answered the question below - and honestly he’s more knowledgeable about what his than I.

Again - the risk of not getting vaccinated - and getting COVID and (possibly) developing severe disease is the X factor.

People may choose to get vaccinated over the possibility of developing severe disease if they were to get COVID in the first place.

No shit…I’ve never said otherwise. I’m not talking about the choice.

………you do realize that with this latest information people have more material with which to make the choice, right?

There’s really nothing “latest” about it.

We haven’t known (officially) about COVID antibodies vs vaccine antibodies for that long.

It doesn’t matter…We’ve known that Antibodies are a good thing…And no matter what level they can help the virus no one is standing in the way of you getting a vaccine? It’s been there for you.

Natural antibodies clearly aren’t taboo…all the “conspiracy theorists” have said this is a possibility for a long time…Crazy huh?

I think it absolutely matters. If it didn’t why would they study it?

Natural antibodies aren’t taboo - you’re correct. The risk - as said before - is getting the antibodies without having severe disease or dying.

Natural immunity from antibodies has been treated like a conspiracy theory…plain and simple.

I disagree. The question has always been whether or not natural antibodies are better or worse than the vaccine. Now we have the answer.

Lol…Oh well let’s all just move on and be friends then…phew

I mean, at least it didn’t fuck up Pfizer’s $$ right?

Isn’t this something we’ve all known for a while now? We have breakthrough cases for the fully vaccinated but almost never hear of someone contracting Covid twice within 3-4 months.