Perfect analogy for Trumpkins on here

Supporter says Trump saved lives with vaccine and everyone who takes it will be dead in 15 years

Oh look- you found an idiot.

Watch me throw a rock and hit one too.

Warden- we get it. You don’t like Trump voters and you run a piss poor business. What’s your point with this thread?

Or are you already home hiding from us again?

If I needed to find the idiot, I can just click on you. The fact is, the entirety of MAGA is filled with people like this, like you, all the same. Immoral trash without a shred of integrity

Oh, nobody ever hides. You’re boring, usually. To engage in a debate, both sides have to have the integrity to acknowledge basic reality. You’re lacking in that regard, overwhelmingly. To me, you’re like a animal in a zoo. I just come by to watch sometimes to remind me of the trash supporting Trump and how disconnected from basic reality in which they exist

Thanks for the support on the business though. Opening our 3rd office next year in Europe. How’s Jersey?