Painful Summer

Gas already at $4.02 nationally. I’m reading west coast prices are above $6 already in some areas like Portland.

You guys asked for it.

This on the heals of 7% inflation and estimates that food prices will increase 30%.

Hope the trade off of bad tweets and constant winning is worth this.

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I was about to start a post asking if it’s time to start tapping into those oil reserves to offset the constant rise in gas prices. I believe things will turn around sooner or later. “You guys asked for it”? Right, because gas was never high under Trump. :roll_eyes:

Over the weekend, Elon Musk went so far as to call for Biden to start drilling on federal land again.

November will be painful for the Dems.

I do agree with this. If things don’t improve soon, the Democrats will take a beating in the midterms.

You guys just can’t help yourself from uttering his name. It’s like you have Tourette’s.

Don’t tap into the reserves. Instead, tap into our natural resources: frack, drill, and reopen the Keystone XL pipeline.

That wasn’t finished being constructed yet was it?

Pretty simple stuff.

We are purposefully withholding production.

You know who will hurt the most? The people you all say you love the most.

Poor minorities.

What a racist thing to say! This is affecting every consumer across the board, not just minorities.

Looks like you ran and hid with your Trump gas prices comment though?

You saw the chart right?

You must have skipped the two words I used “the most.”

Are you telling me that the poor are not in a worse position?

Are you telling me that most of the poverty demographic isn’t minority?

Come on man.

Literally no one asked for a war in Ukraine.

60 millions barrels of oil reserves have already been tapped.

Also, the Keystone XL isn’t oil going to the US to be sold. It’s oil from Canada to be refined in the Gulf States and then sold to European and South American markets. Also, you’re pretending there isn’t already an existing pipeline. Further, it was never meant to create a new chain, but to reroute oil already being shipped to the same location today in another way. The issue with Keystone XL is it goes over 2 of the biggest aquifers in the country, where sizable percentages of people get their drinking water. Transcanada has a history of leaking pipelines. I mean, it ALREADY leaked and hasn’t even been completed.

Elections have consequences

Show me where I mentioned the Keystone pipeline.

So do pandemics and wars.

You… you realize you’re not the only person in this thread, right?

Sure do

You didn’t. Silentobserver mentioned it.

@skeeter, I didn’t run from my response. The only one that looks bad as a result of this is Bush. He’s the only one that left with gas higher than when he started.