Over 30 Trump associates subpoenaed by grand jury over alleged efforts to

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Yep happened last week

GSCl :lying_face: wn and Co think it is witch hunt against paranoid conspiracy theory laden conservatives

They are the forever victims.

Still no persecution.

Let me just put my head back in the sand.

You’re the guy who runs a red light and then says he’s being persecuted for being held accountable. I’m sure you don’t think so, obviously, but I’m sure your family and those around you are disgusted by what they’ve been stuck with. Always a victim, always a liar, always sides with the immoral, just pure slime.

No no- you’re the one who, when the cops say someone ran a red light, but when others ask for the evidence and they can’t produce it, continue to defend them.

We’ve seen the evidence, you just pretend it doesn’t exist and made sure not to watch. Again, you’re a Qanoner, denying reality in your face due to your lack of intelligence, lack of morals, and lack of integrity.