Where is the outrage from the Qancy’s and Bikki’s of the world? DePape was here illegally!

Yea- I don’t get it. We agree with you that immigrants shouldn’t be here illegally and this is a potential consequence of bad immigration policy.

That is- assuming all of this shit about this guy is true.

Can’t wait for this trial. Going to be a great watch.

You’re assuming there will be one? Guy could just plead down.

Had DePape not entered the country illegally, there would have been no battering of Pelosi. Pelosi after suffering a head injury, might well fall into a vegetative state. and all of it is due to the Democrat policy of open borders. If Pelosi dies, he’s just another crime victim of liberalism.

Really? It appears he entered the country in March at the San Ysidro port of entry, as a temporary visitor. Canadians who are visiting for business or pleasure don’t require a visa and are allowed to stay in the US for 6 months. That would mean he entered legally, through a checkpoint, had his documents verified and overstayed his visa.

Once again, you epitomize the trash and immoral dishonesty of your party. Not a shocker for a guy who praises pedophiles and mass murderers.

Additionally, you don’t even take more than 3 seconds to demonstrate your points are full of shit, anymore. You’re too easy, too weak. You should really do some studying. It doesn’t take much when it comes to you

DePape was in the country ILLEGALLY. Pelosi was a victim of the party of illegal immigration. Had DePape been deported, there would have been no crime.

False. He didn’t illegally immigrate.

You’re really too easy. Jesus, your education was pathetic. You should get your money back. A fart gives me a more difficult time than you do