OT: Joe Burrow-

Ends the streak. Congrats to any Bengals fans out there.

I love this kid. The next Tom Brady if he can stay healthy.

Think he’s better than Herbert. Think he’s better than Mahomes as well.

Cincinnati has a very bright future.

Signed- a jealous Dolphins fan.

As a 16-year northern KY / Cincinnati resident, thank god. Great to see.

That said - they won’t get past next week if they can’t get pressure on the QB. Carr was sitting back there throwing at will all night.

Burrow wasn’t the reason for the jealousy. He was gone at #1 regardless. We had Herbert there for the taking and did what we always do: took the wrong QB…again! We took little slant-throwin’ Tua while Herbert eats up the entire league. We no sooner finally get Brees out of the NFL after having to eat that decision for 15 years then here comes another guy we get to watch as he earns his gold jacket out on the west coast. Then we fire our coach and let our GM, Ted Baxter, continue to serve and neglect this franchise year after year as we continually get rid of the wrong people. What are we, a Monty Python skit in real time?

Yeah, I’ll stop now. :rage:

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As a lifetime Steelers fan, F the Bungles.

Sorry, old habits and all that… I couldn’t resist. :joy:

LOL!!! The Steelers have clearly had the upper hand over the Bungles for years.

I was actually rooting for Ben last weekend. Hell of a career and I was glad to see it get extended by at least a game.

Like Ben said, the Steelers don’t have a chance. Not a bad career to look back on, but it ends tonight. At least he went out knocking the Ravens out of the playoffs!

Well, I think he was saying that just to say it, but you’re crazy if you think the Steelers are expecting to lose.

In all seriousness, yes, KC is going to be a very tough out for them tonight.

I know he was having fun with the media. It was actually pretty sweet to hear him punking them like that.

But yeah, KC will definitely be a tough out. I will be watching, pulling for them, but I am trying to be realistic.

I might actually cheer for them too. Even if they lose Ben has nothing to be sad about. Hell of a career - but he’s banged up. I dread seeing how he’ll be getting around in 20 years….

Better than Mahomes? i’ll need to see a SB win first before i proclaim that, but yeah i will take him over Herbert.

I’m also convinced now that he was solely responsible for that dominant offense at LSU in '19 not Joe Brady…i’m glad we dodged that bullet.

Hell of a LSU squad in 2019, but like Dorsey with the Canes, it wouldn’t have happened without Burrow.

I think his ceiling is higher.

Injuries knocked out the Ravens. It wasn’t the Steelers. Baltimore was 8-3 and then didn’t win again. Having Pittsburgh still in this is laughable. I think 14 teams is more than enough (read: too many) for the playoffs. The AFC has seven playoff teams, four have seven losses. The Bills have six and the top two teams have five. The conference is so bad that we actually entertained the thought that New England could be it’s best team back when they went to 9-4 at their bye. They proceeded to finish 1-4 after that.

I pray the NFL for money’s sake doesn’t go to eight playoff teams per conference with no byes as then we venture into the other 9-8 and worse teams who also shouldn’t be there. Anyone really think Pittsburgh and Philadelphia should still be playing football? I like quality teams making the postseason, not just taking half the squads for the sake of profit. Hopefully Dallas/San Francisco will be good today as these other two games should amount to mismatches.

I love him…Not sure if I’d give him better than Mahomes just yet, as I believe Mahomes may end up goat. But Mahomes did hit a little wall this year to let others in the convo. And there’s nothing not to like about Burrow at this point. STUD

Herbert and Burrow both look like they can be in the convo. Allen is right there with Mahomes right now imo.

Mahomes may have more arm talent than any QB ever…Allen is in that convo along with Favre, Elway, Marino imo

Those are the obvious big 4 of the young guns with Mahomes the most accomplished.

They definitely stink…The Raiders were only slightly better…

The Chargers were better than these teams, and when healthy Clev and Balt were too. Indy in the convo as well but pi$$ on em, don’t lose to Jax. Minny was probably better as well, but just blew too many close games. I guess a healthy NO would be in the convo too.

Overall though I have no prob with 7. I do agree with you that 8 is too many, but you know that won’t stop the league from doing it $$$$$

And there it is.

Small town boy from Appalachia Ohio…. Brings the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl.


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I don’t follow the NFL at all. I was surprised to see that the Bengals were in the playoffs since they were awful of late. I looked it up, they won 2 games in 2019 and 4 in 2020. I guess they were 9-7? before the playoffs so I assume they were a wildcard. Pretty big turnaround to go from 2 wins in 2019 to the SB in 2021.

From what I saw of him at LSU, I thought Burrow was about as talented as any QB that I have ever seen play the game. I doubt he will surpass Brady’s records but the kid is a player.

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In truth. I’d immediately trade this for another Canes title. :laughing:

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Joe Burrow was astute leaving OSU. A highly recruited point guard in high school as well as a QB, Burrow saw his chances of being a starter improved demonstrably by enrolling in LSU. Surrounded by great talent, Burrow had one of the best collegiate seasons in college football history leading the Tigers to a NC and winning the Heisman Trophy. They truly love Joe in Baton Rouge.

Joe Burrow is just a splendid kid, and his leading Cincinnati to the Super Bowl was no accident. I believe his point guard experience has been vital in his ability to react to the movement of players on the field. Joe Burrow has made me a Bengals fan. Who knows. Joe may turn out to be another Tom Brady.

By that same token, I think Matt Stafford deserves credit in leading the Rams to the Super Bowl. While at Detroit, Stafford had a fine record of winning games coming from behind, games in which he clearly exhibited great talent. It’s good to see Stafford leading an excellent team, for he is another one of the good guys.

While I’d love to see Cincinnati win the SB, I believe the Rams have the better talent. Who would have expected these two teams to be in the final event?

OT Will Jalen Hurts or Tua Tagovaloa, vaunted Alabama QBs ever succeed in the pro game. I don’t think so. Both are players of high character. Hurts just doesn’t have the arm though he has considerable ability rushing the football. Perhaps Hurts should be used as an H back rather than a QB. Hurts has great physical strength and is a gym rat. Tua seems to be injury prone, and I question his leadership ability. Tua IMO has a higher ceiling due to arm talent.