Only republicans are “election deniers”

Not democrats

God damn she body slammed them.

The left and their follow song RINO repubs are such hypocrites.

For 5 years all we heard was the election was rigged. Now you’re not allowed to say it.

Wonder why?

Because now it’s true lol.

That’s right all that blaring evide——- oh nevermind. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

51- a decade or more of no substantial posts

If I have had no substantial posts in a decade, what would you call yours? A decade of sexy headlines easily proven wrong, which include a shit ton of GWP “articles” - along with endless numbers of articles claiming election fraud (with no proof of course), support for murderous dictators, and let’s not forget the “always late but right” posts - in addition to posts like these - that are a poor excuse to being called out.

Nothing but the best from the Trump U grad who’s been grifted more than once each by Trump and Jones.

Great contributions.

A moderator detailing a thread. The irony.

A poster calling me out, only to get owned….and this is his (non) response.

You demand proof all the time. You show none when pressed yourself. Then you say you’re late but always right. Then you post garbage like the above in a pathetic attempt to save face. We’ve seen this movie before. But hey - eve though you’re wrong you’ll feel good about yourself and that’s all that matters.

Got it.

This faggot mfer claims to “own” everyone

And he’s 0-for-life

Never posts anything worth a damn.

I told you…he’s Mitch Green. Claiming he won a fight with his skull hanging out of his neck.

You nasty ole murderous dictator supporter you @GardenStateCane

He tucking tail and running only 5 posts in to his own thread already?

Sure smells like it.

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But 51 never really addresses the video.

This is the left’s best trick. I hope everyone notices. 305, Warden and DJ all do the same thing.

Instead of address the video, they try to derail the topic and pick out one line that GSC said about making valid arguments.

Lake makes a point that I’ve seen made over and over again. The media wants to discredit “election deniers” and call them threats to democracy and white nationalists but they had no interest in doing so for the obvious examples of Dems doing the exact damn thing.


This video is from a candidate who said she’ll accept the results if she wins. So yeah, I don’t really care about the video.

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I wouldn’t give that Nazi mf’er a click if you paid me, but you do you.

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