OMB - Electoral Count Act

Sounds encouraging, but I’ll believe it more when they have all the support needed to keep their own (Senate) from tripping over themselves. Great that we have bipartisan support at the onset.

This is the kind of work I have been wanting and waiting for. We essentially just had an imbecile president who thought he could morph into a King and remain in power at his own behest. The proper response is to legislate these moronic ideas out of existence. When they attempt to game the next system, wash and repeat.

Weird. If Trump wasn’t right then why change it?

Lol, you are not serious are you?

100% -you all argue the VP doesn’t have the authority. If that’s true, why make changes?

Because you tried to usurp the legal vote and will of the people by trying to play dumb. So, to codify the confusion…that apparently only Trump supporting traitors choose to have

Huh? Doesn’t even make sense. What does “codify confusion” mean?

Here’s the funny part…. A Federal law would be powerless. It’s all for show.

They would have to literally have a constitutional convention to either amend the 12th amendment OR wrote in a new amendment that addresses the 12th.

Constitutional law supersedes any federal statute or CFR they create.

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Jesus fucking Christ.

As usual GSC is correct legally speaking. which doesn’t surprise me at all.

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Someone doesn’t understand our legal peocess

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You mean someone edited their post after my comment to qualify their position? You are such a con, you fake ass lying christian.

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Really? So the Constitution has never been amended? Do tell…make sure you cover the 27 times this has already happened. Further, even the ONLY lawyer who told Trump it was legal admitted it wasn’t legal and would lose in the Supreme Court unanimously.

You’ve never been honest a day in your life

Lol do you know what’s required for a constitutional convention?

Bruh, you don’t even know the earth revolves around the sun or that a VP can’t decide who’s President by himself.
I suggest there are very few things you THINK you KNOW that you actually know. Couple that with your lack of integrity and penchant for being dishonest and literally any hamster out in the world is more of a reliable source than you on just about anything. I’m not even sure I’d trust you to tell me what color shoes you’re wearing

Karen can’t just answer the question.

It would take 2/3 of congress (both houses) and 3/4 of state ratification.

Sure that was easy to do when there were less states and less legislators, but almost impossible today.

Really? Because the last time it happened was May 20, 1992. You’re boring

You’re on a role today. Go research the 27th. It literally proves my point how hard it is to get something ratified.

It received 2/3 vote in 1789 and lingered for almost 200 years thereafter.

It wasn’t until 1985 when 5 states ratified and then later in 1992 others joined.

It’s also not a controversial topic. I mean, limiting how and when government can pay itself doesn’t really impassion the masses like abortion or immigration or election reform.

Did it need a Constitutional convention? Again, you’re the only one claiming a VP can reject the votes of the American people if he doesn’t like them and arbitrarily decide a Presidential election. Even Eastman admitted it was full of shit, when he was trying it. Did we have one for the 20th, 21st, 22nd? What about the 23rd? The 24th?

Not hard to see…you have no value for this country, our laws or anything relating to it. You celebrate law breakers, people who attempt a coup, people who attack our institutions, and celebrate our enemies.
You’re a traitor to this country and what it stands for. Your bloodline stains this great nation

Not one person claimed this. These are your words.

So please clarify your shit stain position then so we can laugh our assess off.

What is it that you are claiming?