He’s back and unfiltered.

He lit Maddow up on day one. I mean just dumped a bunch of gasoline out and dropped the match wow.

He clowned dersuckvich and Dobbs like nobody’s business today. His story on vin Scully was an absolute behemoth.

Highly, highly recommend.

He’s a piece of shit

He was so distraught and out or control during covid and with the OrangeManBad shit. Completely unhinged and in full 24/7 tantrum mode. Grow the fuck up.

Power-hungry snowflake cunt. All he is. No wonder OP recommends.

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At times, Olbermann is quite sane, actually talented. The problem is when he goes insane, uncontrollably so, rendering him unhireable. The one thing that comes through poignantly in his ranting is his hatred. As I have said time and again, the left are the true haters and destroyers among us.

He is a talented guy. So good back in the day.

But most of the time he comes off as an unhinged lunatic these days.

Excellent orator. Amazing producer.

Complete nut job.

Loved him at ESPN.

Liked him early early MSNBC before he became a complete loon.

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Prolly deserves a thread on its own but the Jones phone

This outta be fun to watch unfold

This is going to be disappointing for you to hear…. Trump doesn’t text. Never has. Sorry buddy. I know you wanted this one badly.

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Um what? Who said anything to the contrary?

You posted a link about Olbermann talking about “The Jones phone” that potentially contain texts btw Trump and Jones and others.

But wait: you’re saying ALL of Alex Jones’ texts since 2019 are now legally in the hands of a lawyer suing him? So, ALL of any texts Alex Jones sent Trump or Roger Stone or The Oath Keepers or the rest of Trump’s January 6th mob are AVAILABLE? If you didn’t notice, the House January 6th Committee sure did and reportedly reached out to the Sandy Hook parents’ attorney with a simple request: SEND US THE JONES PHONE!

Or did I just imagine this?

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You are making stuff up.

All while defending a vile unhuman being who doesn’t do email or text in year 2022.


So good back in the day.

You guys give him way too much credit. He was fucking annoying as hell back then. He’s a lunatic.

That’s your Prez GSCl :lying_face: wn

A guy too incompetent to either send and receive emails/text


Someone with something to hide.

So you do care? So confused.

That might be true. The question is, is what he’s hiding a bad thing?

That’s not what the article said.

Care about what, specifically?

Last 10 years. Excuuuuuuuuuse me.

How long has texting been in existence? 1992? When did it actually become popular? 1998/1999/2000?

I saw an interview with Sammy the Bull the other day discussing Trump. Apparently they thought about shaking him down and concluded it was too risky. He was surrounded by too many ex FBI guys BUT Sammy also said Trump “would pay the vig”…. However, unlike others he never paid it “face to face.” He was too smart to do that.

Same situation here.

Trump, say what you want about your perception of his intellect, is a genius when it comes to these sorts of things. How many investigations and news stories has this man slipped? Uncountable.

Even if he texted early on I highly doubt there’s anything compromising it it. Just doesn’t fit the personality or the pattern.

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GSCl :lying_face: wn admits his false idol, whom he worships more than Jesus, is a criminal.

I did? Or did I just admit that THEY had nothing on him?

You did. An innocent man is innocent. He doesn’t need to “slip” anything.

I agree. He’s Slick Donnie. Although much of that has to do with money more than intellect.

But yes, his habit of not texting/emailing is a smart one.

This wasn’t my point of contention.

What Trump wrote in his afidavit was:

“Since at least January 1, 2010, it has been my customary practice to not communicate via e-mail, text message, or other digital methods of communication.”

Now, this is obviously untrue since he posted to twitter all the time, but technicalities aside, this just means he doesn’t text or email regularly, not that he’s never done it.

Trump has 2 cell phones. Discounting the Truth Social one, he uses the other for “personal reasons.” Unless all he does is play Candy Crush, by definition that is digital communication.

Second, it’s worth pointing out that Trump may not be susceptible to getting busted due to his texts, but even your quote is talking about Alex Jones texting others, Trump only being one recipient. There are others and the released texts could indeed be bad for some people.