Oath Keepers secret weapons stash at capitol

Wait until we find out it was a federal operation. Just a matter of time.

Ha! You have zero integrity, dude. It’s a rule for you. What a shitty American

Your statement would only matter if I cared about your opinion

I’ve noticed. You never respond to anything I write, Qanoner.

Tell me this guy isn’t a Fed.


Eye patch and all. All he needs is to put his pinky up to his mouth and the jig is up.

Is this the firearms instructor who shot himself in the eye?

No clue- these guys are idiots.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Once again, in order to maintain the belief in Trump, these people have to literally create a worldwide conspiracy about everything.
I’ve used the word before, but it’s “lack of” is evident again

He looks like Dr Evil’s sidekick.


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Well, you and he believe virtually the same things, so…