Oasis vs

So, out of curiosity - rank the following in terms of deserving honor for their music

Ozzy Osborne
Mary J Blige,
Mariah Carey
Dave Matthews Band
Eric B and Rakim
Peter Frampton
Janes Addiction
Kool and the Gang
Lenny Kravitz
Sinead O Connor
Tribe Called Quest

Ozzy was sort of before my time so I know of his influence but he’s not really in my wheelhouse.

Jane’s Addiction was hugely influential to indie/alternative rock. Tribe also for hip hop. I’m glad to see them both get the nod.

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If your best song is “Champagne Supernova”, you don’t belong in the R&R HOF. I hate that fucking song.

Oh, and that song “Wonderwall” (another whiny POS) makes me want to punch Liam Gallagher in the throat. :grin:

Their songs all sound the same–whiny and derivate. They WISH they were Radiohead…

Oh, and the Gallagher brothers are twats–especially Liam. He has unwarranted delusions of grandeur.

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AMEN! I shouldn’t have been shocked, but the gall of Oasis to act like that when compared to the other people on that list, most of them at least.

They couldn’t clean the toilets of Radiohead

Erik B and Rakim introduced complex lyrics for the first time in hip hop, as well

There may have never been a more hyped up band in their beginning than Oasis. The Beatles heir apparent never hit the mark in my opinion.

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Totally. All the Beatles comparisons came way too early (and probably from the band’s own mouths).

I do think they had some good songs, and Supersonic was a great start, but overall they fizzled more than made a lasting impression.

The Beatles are, hands down, the most influential band in history and did it in only 8 years. I loathe Oasis. I’m not even sure I’d put Oasis above The Brian Jonestown Massacre or Husker Du