OAN Admits No Widespread Voter Fraud

Unfortunately, these MAGA blowhards don’t really care what happens to their unsubstantiated claims of “proof” down the line.

They just like to say things like “LOOK AT THAT PROOF” or “WHAT POSSIBLE EXPLANATION IS THERE BESIDES FRAUD?” Sounds like GSC, no?

And then, when it comes time to pay the piper, they’ve already moved on to the next thing.

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Or it’ll be some conspiracy theory rationale, explaining why the Obama judge ruled against OAN.

You guys are hilarious.

Of course this is their position in a lawsuit. Otherwise they’d have to prove it and they aren’t the substantiators of the claim, just reporters of it.

Silly that you’d think this proves anything.

All it proves is that OAN believes they can’t prove fraud occurred…. And why would they ever be able to in the first place.

You mean the real fake news admits to fake news and can’t substantiate their fake claims, yet you still make excuses even though you get bitch slapped by them?

No you dummy. They listened to their lawyer. It’s not their claim to make. They allowed their OPINION anchor to run with it.

Why would the company subject itself to liability when it doesn’t need to? Would be a stupid move.

You are the dummy who, AGAIN, refuses to take responsibility or be held accountable for fake ass lies. My lawyer said it, duuuurrrrrrrr

Why would I have to take responsibility for something OAN said or did or didn’t do? Dumbest shit I’ve ever read.

And this is why you have no integrity. We’ve had Rudy, Powell, FOX and OAN all admit they don’t have shit while in court. But, you don’t care. “Of course, they HAVE to say that…”.

What drivel. Zero, absolutely, ZERO integrity. This guy defines slimy salesman

It proves that they don’t have proof.

That they reported something that was not founded on evidence.

I thought we couldn’t prove a negative? :rofl:

Hmmmm…. It doesn’t prove they didn’t have evidence to believe it or report it.

I don’t know all the elements of the case but I’m assuming that they would need all the elements to substantiate the claim and they don’t have that (and why would we think they do).

Remember, these are opinion shows. MSNBC does this just as much as OAN.

I just think this is a company protecting themselves and doing it in the easiest way possible. No need to defend or prove something your not a party to.

Just say, “it’s opinion” and move on.

I mean, it’s a company that crossed the line, got sued, settled the lawsuit, and had to broadcast a retraction to that effect. But potayto potahto.

100% agree.

I don’t follow OAN. They don’t speak for me or millions of others who feel there was fraud. They fucked up. That doesn’t prove there wasn’t fraud.

Well hold onto your hat because GWP is also involved in the same lawsuit…

Of course not. Like I said, it proves they were talking out of their ass. It proves they printed statements that were unfounded.

That’s the whole problem with this fraud narrative. Nobody’s been able to prove it yet. Keep in mind Trump “knew it was gonna happen” and “set a trap” two years in advance and somehow still came up empty.

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Too bad we can’t sue you and those millions of others to embarrass you as well. Just cause you think there was fraud (lol), doesn’t prove it exists. In fact, the onus is on you to provide us with evidence of your outlandish claim. OTHERWISE IT IS HORSE SHIT

Hmmmm. You CAN sue. I don’t know if you have jurisdiction or can prove damages, but go ahead and try.

I also think this little thing called the first amendment would get in the way. It allows me and you to form opinions, accurately or erroneously, as we wish, so long as we don’t pose an immediate and credible harm to a person or property.

So have at it. Let us know how it goes.