Ny post - trump unfit

We still have room and welcome with open arms

Thanks was looking for the other one. This should be front and center

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E tu fox and friends?


Unreliable poll. Trump is wildly popular owing to his remarkable record of achievement as president. The chiseling of his image into the face of Rushmore should already begin.

So after you guys just admit that Rupert and family soured on Trump you accept their polling?

I could care less about the poll. The idiots on screen slobbing on Trump’s nob was some of the best comedy I’ve ever seen.

Another example of how you base your worldview…in your mind, if you’re not pro-Trump, you cannot be trusted. You have no value for anything that even might remotely be called objective or even the concept of being objective. Just like Trump, you’re pro-Trump or you’re the enemy.

Fascism is strong with you