Not a good look

Earl Timberlake and now Chris Lykes hits the portal…

Any idea what’s going on?

No idea. But the program is in trouble.

I saw where Cross, the other freshmen just signed with Louisville. There is obviously a problem somewhere.

There was a problem w Cross. Larrañaga made comment about his coaching style not matching everyone. Timberlake went out of his way to say nothing bad happened. Now Lykes.
Program is in awful shape.

punk move by Lykes…

Coach L is a fine man and a good coach but it would be hard to argue that he shouldn’t be fired after this past season.

Of course, Blake James just gave him a contract extension so I doubt Miami could afford to fire him.

Time for a younger, hungrier coach IMHO.

It is sickening to see the hoops program crash and burn, but that is what is happening. And, at the same time the gators and Noles are going into the second week of the tournament…Coach L needs to retire-officially.

I looked at the 247 basketball transfer portal and there are nearly 200 names it it. Looks like there are transfers from many major programs - with some schools still playing or just finished the season. It’s todays reality - if its not quick and easy kids pack up and move on :rage:

That said, I agree that it is time to go in a different direction and part ways with coach L. Apparently he is having a hard time connecting to today’s generation…

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Last I saw, there were 1000+ in the portal…

Hell we can barely field 10 to scrimmage in practice…

Lots of guys are transferring all across the country. COVID plus relaxed transfer restrictions means that a lot of guys are on the move. Lykes is a case of a guy that ran afoul of L and his staff, especially as he started expressing displeasure at Wong taking over the team. Timberlake is a guy that honestly wants to be a starter, without earning a damn minute. I’m amazed that anyone projected this guy as a high end 4 star prospect. Apparently, looking good at glorified pickup games(Which AAU ball is), is more important than actually knowing how to play. I’ve never seen a high end recruit look so incredibly average(Outside of Dequan Jones, who couldn’t shoot either and was all dunks).