No one under 400k will get a tax increase!


Lol… Amount of miles they drive

And you’ll get that $1400 if you get the vaccine (and yes I know that was a GOP congressmen suggestion)

They can stick that 1400 up their filthy whore mother’s kitty kat while they’re at it

They are out of control.

I don’t really see how this could be implemented. Don’t see it happening, but I could be wrong.

As an expert in the field, this is a brilliant idea and much needed as infrastructure is highly subsidized.

Politically infeasible, even tho it is simple economics. I always laugh when capitalists start shooting themselves in foot when they support socialism and want to keep it when it benefits them.

Fed gas tax hasnt been raised since when? Lmfao

Been awhile since I’ve paid ATTN to this particular topic, but oregon implemented a voluntary test of this system in early 2000s.

DJ you are an self-proclaimed expert in the field. For my edification, would you please identify the field of your expertise.

Infrastructure planning and engineering (private & public sectors).


Shouldn’t have to clarify sectors BC they are really one in the same. One has the money, navigates political mine fields, and administers to the bene of the public, the other is the design and construction brains/muscle with the ability to navigate fed and local permits.

  1. How the F are they going to know how many miles I drove?
  2. Are they going to base it on GVW (gross vehicle weight) as an 80k lb semi-truck is 30x my little car? Do they pay 30x the taxes?

They’ll first require it on your 1040.

If they want to, they can also legislate that you must report this number to insurance companies for risk scoring on policies and then they just grab it from them.

I don’t think the number of miles you drive would be protected by data privacy laws.

Ok but I don’t have to provide them the correct answer. It isn’t like the IRS is going to audit all of us every year to know the exact miles. Further more, how will this get implemented for business vs personal?

WorldNetDaily? You have to be kidding

CNN and MSNBC??? You gotta be kidding.

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You voluntarily install a tracking device in your vehicle. Use google, I’ve already mentioned one of the mother ship studies you could reference.

Data is already collected from cell phones too. I’m sure that could be used, if privacy laws changed to allow personal identification.

as a Miami fan, you should know it is easy to hide. Boosters have throw away phones. If they pass laws that will track miles, my iPhone won’t be with me nearly as much. I’ll be going to the prepaid networks that don’t require your SSN be attached to the phone. Pretty easy to use a main number that gets forward to one or more numbers.

Watch out. Texas is pushing a bill to charge taxes based on miles driven…

Not if you could save money, you wouldn’t.

And lol we buy your cell phone data all the time to understand travel patterns already.

Probably should have dumped your phone 25 years ago

I’m sure I’ve said this in this thread already, but I find it hilarious when capitalists start defending socialism. I mean they go out of their way.

Let’s break this down some.

Assuming they will tax me for miles, there are lots of loopholes to use. 1. All miles become business miles so I’d get a write-off. Yes, I can travel on “vacation” then look at houses to buy for 1hr each day to claim the trip as a business trip. 2. I can simply leave my iPhone home and go without a phone. I’ve been doing this more and more as I’m sick of being available for people as if they can’t wait 1-3 days for my response let alone 1-3 minutes.

You can buy user data but it is not easy to track it to an individual if the phone is a burner phone or I use a VOIP solution for calls. If I need to, I can take it another step and go with a VPN so the data is 100% worthless to you and the government.

No one’s gonna use cell service to track mileage. That cell isn’t tied to a vehicle so it’s useless.

That said, good luck finding a car these days that doesn’t have its own GPS. You can keep the phone at home but the car is still connected to the grid.

But anyway, this stuff is already reported to a degree. Any time you take your car in to a mechanic they’ll update the mileage. Doesn’t that go on a permanent record somewhere? If it doesn’t already, it could. You just need a government database.