NIL lol

So our guys are going to make what…about $500 a month with that deal we talked about a week or two ago? Yep, we’re far behind again…just about like always. It must be a bit of a relief for the Tide to be able to finally be able to talk openly about how their players are fully taken care of financially rather than have to live in denial about it. Good for them.

I’d have to believe that much like all influence based marketing, these NIL deals will helps teams in large markets with smaller booster networks. It clearly will help the schools with booster networks. There are a few that fit both: UGA, USC, Houston, Texas, smu are a few that could see big jumps in Performance by landing more top recruits via NIL.

It should also help “national” level teams with long-standing, established branding. The U should benefit from corporate sponsorship.

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That will depend on if the school wants to share sponsorships or brands just want to associate with the U.

True, but I believe the U needs it to survive. Sharing the money will mean bigger player and thus bigger money. Here’s hoping…

Told you all

Now wait until its a 5 star kid who commits to SMU or Kent State from an alumni based sponsorship worth millions. That’s when shi$ will get real.

I like all the told you so people. All of us had no idea.

The truth is the fact that some Bama guys were always getting this and we all knew it. But not every guy is going to get money like this. Only a few kids are going to get 5 or 6 figures. Let this play out. When some kids don’t perform these contracts are going to get yankd.

But I do say good for the kids for getting paid above board.

Maybe you should ask around then. :roll_eyes:

Only an idiot would of no idea.

The top was taken off of this Mf’er and the endgame is whatever the market now sets it at which is going to be never ending.

Cool with me. Im a capitalist. But to say no one knew what was going to happen is cannon fodder.

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Hope these kids remember to file those taxes…

IRS wont play around