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Here you go people…. The never ending variant game.

Nice fallback, isn’t it?

And it’s vaccine resistant!


Oh my God!

Events which are entirely expected are happening!!!

How could this be?

Lol- why are they expected?

Because they said?

Funny how other coronavirus of the past didn’t behave like this.

This bug is super convenient for driving policy and pharma profits.

Because this is how viruses work? There’s a whole field of science on the subject!

Not really. It’s how flu works.

It’s how some Corona viruses work, sure.

But it is not absolutely known that this will happen.

How do they know it’s vaccine resistant already.

That seems like some ironic foreshadowing.

This is where they always give themselves up. They over market.

So when is the solution going to start fitting the problem? Or is it only when the total agenda is fulfilled, as obviously the mitigation clearly furthers and strengthens their leftist agenda

If it is “entirely” expected…Why the ridiculous measures? Let’s live life and move on.

Thanks for agreeing.

Sure, nothing is absolutely known. This likely possibility has been brought up many times. Fauci’s been talking about variants, covid being with us to stay, and vaccine effectiveness waning ages ago. Every time he said stuff like that, you and Storm and the others would poo poo it.

But it’s what people mostly expected.

What doesn’t fit for you right now? Schools are open, people are getting back in the office, people have been traveling and vacationing all summer. Which part is personally tripping you up?

Kids in fucking masks for starters…Some schools closing every time a c few positive cases pop up…Further pushes for vaccine mandates…And I don’t believe lockdowns are done. But to your point, hopefully they are.

Sorry, you are wrong.

GSC = IDIOT is as constant as constant gets.

I personally don’t mind the mask thing. I get that it’s an annoyance, but masking seems somewhat reasonable, ESPECIALLY when you consider it as a half-measure that makes it easier to open up.

I haven’t heard about mandates except from employers or other voluntary communal activities, like transportation. I would oppose a citizen mandate or whatever. And I hope lockdowns are done too. I’m with the crowd that says we need to live with this thing, because it’s not going away.

It’s disgusting they are making children wear them…Completely against numbers and science.


Masks are limited at prevention unless they are real N95 masks. I for one will never fly with a paper mask again, only did because it was required. Either no mast or N95 which keeps me protected.

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And good kick with the former. They’ll walk your screaming ass off they plane in a second. I know you wouldn’t cause a ruckus BTW. Just saying (for skeet skeet types)

I didn’t say I wouldn’t wear one. I just have caught covid twice while traveling and once while wearing a paper mask everywhere I went indoors. Thus, n95 for me until masks aren’t required then I’ll make the decision of when/wear I’ll wear one. I may end up wearing an n95 on a plane the rest of my life as it is an easy way of avoiding common illnesses.

Amazing how this is such an overlooked topic. I’ve never been healthier since starting to wear masks.