Next level of liberal crazy achieved

I bet the resident liberals here will soon and support.

This one doesn’t make any sense.

A landlord looking for another reason to evict tenants. Who wouldn’t support this? (Sarcasm)

Doesn’t make sense and doesn’t sound legal either.

You say this quite a bit…And yet you support all this shit.

It’s like you lie to yourself.

What do I support again? Show me where I ever supported the requirement of vaccines - outside a workplace requiring it.

I’m waiting.

I think the landlord needs to be waterboarded and afterward be forced to listen to 12 continuous hours of Alex Jones. After that, he could be subjected to watching the first half of the Miami-MSU game. If he had a choice, he’d probably choose the waterboarding which at least might be cool and maybe slightly refreshing. The whole process is like Navage on Warp Speed.


Now THAT is torture! :slight_smile:

I’ve thought of an additional treatment that would change the landlord’s outlook fast. He could be made to read posts by Djrion and Warden. He’d change his mind all right, but he’d quickly have to drink a quart of Peptobismol to control his sphinctorial incontinence.

I’d say it’d be more torture to be forced to read an analyze Storm’s posts and write the word STUGOTZ over and over.