Delete please.

Somehow, when I click a link to this board I end up in uncategorized and I think I’m in the football forum.

I’ve only done this like 6? times now. Sorry.

Edit: At least, I finally figured out root cause.

If one goes the the main board, clicks new topic, the default forum setting is Uncategorized not Hurricanes Football. Is there a way to change this in order to save me from myself?

You must learn to govern yourself, Stork. I became infamous for posting in the wrong forum, and though I claimed inadvertence, no one believed me.

I just want to be like you when I grow up Bikki so I emulate your behaviors.

May as well just repurpose the thread when you have something you want to discuss. We all know this board is unfiltered with some people that don’t belong online.

A worthy aspiration, Stork. Your unpopularity will reach new heights.

Oh, he’ll find us.