NCSt thread

No thread yet? Score predictions?

I have to say I’m perplexed by the spread here. +3.5 Miami. That’s a tossup essentially but I’m also looking just generically at Miami vs top25 teams and Miami overplaying their competition…seems like easy money.

I expect another loss. NCSt has a good maybe great defense against Miami’s terrible offense. I am taking NCSt to beat that spread by the end of the 1st, and it’ll never be close to not covering afterward. I hope to be wrong, but consider me jaded.

Agreed. This isn’t a good match up for us and next it’s probably going to be worse at Pitt. That could also get out of hand. A long season gets longer. But hey, at least our brass is in “good communication” with one another and realizes that everyone has “to do better, win games, etc.” Blah!!!

Agree. I think a slow start where we’re down 3 scores at the half. Then a valiant 3rd but falling apart in the 4th. Final score 41-27 pack

I MAY watch the game. The first since AppSt.

35-17 NCSt.

The vodka is already flowing.


Admittedly, I’m jaded after 15 years in the football doldrums.

While Miami is only about a 3.5 point underdog, I’m thinking they lose by 20+.

Something like NC State 40 Miami 16.

Won’t watch it.


i wont punish myself by watching this game but i’m getting a kick watching pitt smash clemson right now. how can a program collapse so quickly? ours was gradual but clemson has gone from classy to ashy in an eye blink

What is 51 doing tonight? :laughing:

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They lost a lot of talent to graduation primarily Lawrence. Kind of a rebuilding year for them. They would still kill Miami though which is just plain sad.

losing talent is not really an excuse when you recruit the way clemson does. no way should they be losing games to ACC competition

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I will say TVD has a live arm.

Rambo never stopped on that TD throw. So many Miami Wr’s in the past never make that play.

Him and Garcia overthrow more than you’d like, but they’re young. TVD had a mistake and they helped with penalties, but offense looks prepared to start the game. That’s a shock.

I think I put on the wrong game…

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I took Miami and the points tonight.

I think they ball out.

I hate starting a drive with a deep pass. Too often, it results in 3 and out. Throw the long one when your up two tds on the opposition. Throw a slant and get first down.

Agree bikki. It can pay off but we’ve had the same strategy with the last 2 OCs and it hasn’t been great. It’s an all or nothing strategy that usually results in wasted offense.

It looks like the fight from 2nd half last week is back this week.