National Championship Thread

Didn’t see one. Might be a short one too.

Michigan 14 Washington 3 after 1st quarter

Michigan: 9 rushes 174 yards


If we lose Guidry , need to sign this UM DC. He is so legit

He might be the head coach of Michigan if Harbaugh bolts to NFL after this game.

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Watched a pirated stream of the game …Washington kept relying on a Feast or Famine offensive game plan. The misses were always going to be way less than the hits.

Michigan certainly deserved their NC. They were the toughest team in college football this year. Their line play on both sides of the ball was splendid. Their play was sort of throwback to olden days when teams played smash mouth and were less pass happy.

A lot of people don’t like Harbaugh, but there was nothing wrong with his coaching this year as far as technique goes. Michigan was a well schooled team. They put on a clinic when it comes to people blocking others. They out-physicalled Alabama, a team with sixteen 5 star players and were obviously the better team against Washingon. Michigan proved that there is still room atop college football for a rushing offense and a stifling defense.

Michigan was a better team than I thought. I picked Washington in an upset. After the first quarter, I knew who’d win. Though they didn’t sack Pennix, they hurried him enough to alter his stellar play.

The rumor going around the coaching convention is Brian Kelly will be the next head coach at michigan if Harbaugh leaves.

Even under pressure I was surprised at how inaccurate Penix was at times. Lack of touch to make his passes catchable. Wonder if this kind of performance hurts his NFL stock. Would see lots of similar pressure in the league. I kind of thought he’d be the X factor in the game.

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I think Penix is an NFL draft bust. Really don’t like his throwing motion and he seems to have to put a lot of “hoof” into each throw, even ones that aren’t long distance. Weird, but I thought the Michigan qb had better NFL skills by far.

I’ve been wrong before, though. Joey Harrington comes to mind

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I hope Penix was hurt because he did nothing but kill his draft stock.

Penix has been super accurate all season. Most accurate qb in ten years. He was hurt. Played with broken ribs. This performance won’t do crap for his stock. He was not a first round pick. Most likely 2nd-3rd round. Go and watch the Texas game - there are maybe three nfl quarterbacks that can make those throws. If I am the dolphins I draft him. 1) if tua ask for a super max deal. 2) tua has an issue with concussions that are not going away. He is a bigger version of tua. I hate when guys have one bad game like this because all of sudden people turn on them.

There are two elite QB’s - Caleb Williams and Drake Maye. I would take penix over nix. Penix was great at Indiana and now great at Washington. Nix was awful at auburn and when he had to win against washington- he came up small.

He had a bad game and was hurt. He’s at worst case the 2nd best qb coming out!

Brian Kelly? seems like step down to leave LSU for Michigan to be honest.

If he’s 2nd or 3rd then why should Dolphins replace Tua? 2nd or 3rd round grade doesn’t scream franchise. Not saying I agree with you because I like Penix a lot. I think he’s a top 20 pick regardless of last night.

I like Penix. Moreover, I think his draft stock is somewhat lowered by his performance in the NC, but even if that is so, it is far less influential than worries about injuries he has sustained during his college days and whether he has NFL durability.

Presently, the huge contractual sum Cleveland is paying for DeShaun Watson has affected NFL decision making. Teams have to be circumspect about not making a talent investment error that will erode their fiscal viability. Stellar QBs now all want DeShaun money and some teams are reluctant to accommodate player demands. IMO, Lamar actually does deserve to be paid the big bucks.

Tua seems to thrive against teams that cannot pressure the QB. When he is pressured, Tua has yet to prove that he should be considered among the top tier QBs in the league. I think the Dolphins have done an excellent job with Tua, and doubt they’d consider opening their wallet and offering mucho money to an untested Pemix as a replacement for Tua