My take on the portal guys/summer guys

This is based A LITTLE on early reports but more on my opinion of them coming in

DT Branson Deen…Think he is an above average player and love our top 3 at DT with his addition. Solid get.

DL Anthony Campbell…No idea, haven’t heard name much. Depth piece imo, but some size was needed so even if by next season he is getting 10-15 snaps it was worth it

DT Terrance Gore…No idea, wouldn’t expect much but sounds like a high motor and great Greentree edition, Should have another year left due to covid if needed? Overall an iffy take for me, but he gives us something different and maybe can beat an occasional center with quickness and a TFL or pressure once a game

LB Francisco Mauigao- Think he can leave here an NFL LB. The speed and stopping ability are there. Very important addition, because Corey Flagg is a great kid and cane, but was not cutting it.

DB Jadais Richard- Early reports are great. I think the kid is an athlete, but not going to lie on tape I see more safety than corner on his tape. Would love to be proven wrong here, and everyone is raving about early practices. Will play a lot this year and has 2 years left after this…He’s a definite talent, the question is position for me.

CB Jaden Davis- Has played plenty of ball and grades out decently. I thought he was a bit redundant at the time and was neutral non the tape. But it looks like the staff thinks he’s just flat out a better nickel than anything we had, so he obviously is important.

CB Davonte Brown- A necessary take, but I’m not seeing him being the instant answer that some are. Maybe I’m wrong. But imo he is more of #2 corner, or on a top 10 defense, the first boundary outside corner off the bench. But with staff not liking Graves and Curtis at all….They had to take him. Has been above average at UCF, so let’s see. Will have him for 2 years.

OL Matt Lee- Everyone raving, we’ll see. Good get.

OL Javion Cohen- No brainer and instant upgrade…A top 20 player and top 3 portal OL anyway you slice it.

WR Shemar Kirk- Can’t argue with tape…Doesn’t look like a star, but I can see the take.

WR Tyler Harrell- Great get if healthy, even if he is only a one-trick 20 catch, couple deep touchdowns guy. They had to take a flyer here because as far as upperclassmen go, only George has deep ball capability. Hands are supposedly questionable, but can take top off. No idea on his foot though, hope it’s ok.

RB Ajay Allen- jury is out whether he is a beast or just a pretty good change of pace back. I think he at least is an adequate UM back, and with our injuries, he was a no-brainer take. I think his upside is higher than Henry Parrish but the question is Parrish’s work ethic there, as we already have seen one transfer. Top 50 player in portal imo.

CB Demetrius Freeley- There are some things to like here…Relatively raw, and I don’t expect much this year. But I think he can at least fight for spots starting in '24.

All in all, I can’t argue with much we did in the portal. I think it’s actually being underrated. The most important questions are can one of Richards/Davonte Brown be a #1 or at least a high end #2. I honestly don’t know. Richards will be an awesome surprise to me if he can prove to be a corner (although safety will be needed moving forward as well)

Top 100 portal player types IMO: Deen, Richards, D. Brown, Allen, Cohen, Lee, Harrell if healthy. They would be starting or in the two deep for 85-90% of P5 teams

Biggest Upgrade over Last year: Interior OL Cohen and Lee, MLB MAuigao
Potential All ACC Players: Cohen, Lee, Richards, Mauigao, maybe Allen.
Highest Upside Moving Forward: Richards, Mauigao
Iffy Takes IMO: Campbell, Gore
Needed and staff fanbase higher than me: All 4 corners (again I saw safety with Richards and would love to be wrong, I think he is an all conference and possible NFL caliber athlete though). Again I don’t dislike any of them.

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