My Favorite Couple

Love can be the undoing of any human. It’s a shame that such a dark cloud has shrouded this torrid romance. Fani’s time on the witness stand was one of my most enjoyable moments in a long time. Fani and Nathan certainly knew how to live it up and pair wine with meals.

That’s not my favorite couple…I adore the ones who you can really see they are in love


What’s curious is the right wing’s fascination with Fani. Apparently, Trump is allowed to raw dog a pornstar while is pregnant wife is at home and then pay her over $100k but Fani can’t go dutch on a dinner? Sounds like a distraction from the 91 felonies

Fani and Trump operated under different standards of behavior. Fani’s behavior is more strictly controlled legally by appearance of impropriety regulations. Having sexual relations with staff members and showing favortism are definitely violations of impropriety. However, so corrupt is our legal system, I believe Fani is going to walk on this charge. IMO, the best remedy for both Fani and Nathan would be to withdraw from the cases from which these allegations have risen. No, Warden, Fani knowingly cannot go Dutch reimbursing Nathan to pay for vacations with what is unlawful and excessive remuneration received by Nathan. I am skeptical that either of these crooks will stand trial for perjury.