MTSU head coach

Ok, you won the game. But dude, give it a rest. You should know that karma is always a bitch.

In a weird way, I don’t want him to stop. This program needs someone beating it in their face they were an absolute embarrassment that day. Every time you think about shrugging off a bad play, dogging a rep in practice, half paying attention in film session, or skipping a gym day…remember Rick Stockstill and company gloating nonstop about slapping you around.


Sounds like he was just answering questions. And he did not say anything that was not true. We just got to eat this one.

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We need to put them back on the schedule though.


Power5 schools really have nothing to gain by playing teams like MTSU.

If you win, big deal. You should have. But Lord help you if you lose…

If it were up to me, Miami would never play anyone outside of the Power 5

We should be embarrassed because it was embarrassing.

This is the biggest moment of that coach’s career. Let him enjoy it. I don’t think he’s being particularly mean.

I’m not that concerned about it.

That being said, I’m taking UTSA and giving the points this weekend against them!

He’s an FSU grad; it’s personal.

Middle played lights out. Hats off to them. At least their OC is willing to take some downfield shots.

David slew Goliath because Goliath is a lackadaisical, gutless, entitled little bitch who didn’t bother to show up for the game.



That team that just creamed us 20

Lord, I’m just embarrassed!

Watched some of the game the last couple days (I’m a masochist). There were some downfield shots. Have a few problems though:

  1. bad reads by qbs…had a fair # of plays where wide open guy was missed. Garcia and TVD both doing it so prob some combination of getting used to the offense and shit QB coaching
  2. dumb route trees. Doesn’t make much sense to have 2+ receivers in the same space and that happened a good amount. Thats some combination of poor scheme, poor reads/routes by receivers…so that’s a mix of OC, WR coach, and players
  3. bad presnap reads…a couple of times there was no way the play could work with what they were showing. All the more frustrating since we do a “check with me” on every. Goddamn. Snap.

My ultimate assessment is that we’ve got bad execution coupled with a mediocre playbook. Essentially the players aren’t understanding the plays, and the QB and WR coaches are doing a mediocre job coaching/prepping the playbook for each game.

Dunno what is up with TVD. Beyond the misreads he’s making athletically poor throws. I think he’s frustrated and in his head now.

For me it really comes down to nobody is performing well in this scheme and the OC refuses to adapt to the players. Should be a lot more rpo and spreading receivers to get QBs in a rhythm and simplifying concepts.

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As I said above, I took UTSA and gave the points. Seemed like an obvious play.

And yes, it’s sad.

He doesn’t look comfortable out there. I’ve seen so many wobbly throws out there. It’s weird.

Unless Gattis changes things significantly I think he transfers in spring to SMU.

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Middle Tennessee 30

And they beat them with a -3 turnover differential too. Middle had no turnovers and lost by 15. Great!

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Rick Stockstill forgot to check his watch … or apparently didn’t pay enough attention to Andy Warhol.

Now he looks like a bigger idiot for continuing to run his mouth. When you achieve the unexpected (even if you are secretly smug about it)…you play it down as a tremendous dash of good luck and hard practice. He beat a crappy Miami team …and looked like he planned to go out to dinner on it for the rest of the season.


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At this point we are King Saul…too afraid to go out to battle

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