Most vaccinated areas keep having the highest covid outbreaks but junior stugotz still doesn’t understand

I read an alarming study about excess deaths right now…Will probably share with board early next week.

US State Deaths Per Capita

#1 Mississippi
#2 Alabama
#3 New Jersey
#4 Louisiana
#5 Arizona
#6 New York
#7 Arkansas
#8 Florida
#9 Georgia
#10 Oklahoma

This is especially stark when you consider how hard and early the NE was hit. Much of their damage was done before we had any treatments, before they could even lock down or mask up.

What is the obesity rate of those states?

Mississippi is one of the least healthy states in the nation.

This has nothing to do with vaccines or masks.

I’ll say it again for the 1000th time, a virus is going to virus. Masks, lockdowns, vaccines for kids, doesn’t matter.

As addressed earlier 2 Julys/Augusts in Bama/Miss/BA, etc…vs. only 1 December in the NE

Lol…He said “mask up”…Ya that was it.

No, it wasn’t it. I was excluding it from the criteria because of the time frame.