More Trumpkin Voter Fraud

There is a difference between voter fraud and election fraud.

Individuals commit voter fraud (from both parties).

Entities commit election fraud.

Not according to definitions. But, I’m sure your mirror enjoys telling you what’s what in life

Someone doesn’t know the law. :roll_eyes:

Here’s a crash course- educate yourself.

Cute, you found a site that agrees with you.

Here’s a secret! There’s an actual law

Both are the same - 52 U.S. Code § 20511 - Criminal penalties

Cute, though.

It makes no difference if the statute covers both acts in terms of penalties. They are materially different.

your balls are materially different

You gotta love Mr. Semantics arguing the different between election fraud and voter fraud, especially when the distinction has no bearing to the thread.

Except that he posted it to juxtapose the Trump campaign claims of election fraud.

His post is essentially…. “Trump says democrats cheated but we keep getting individual republicans getting caught committing voter fraud.”

So my rebuttal is

Individuals committing voter fraud is different materially than a party working with city officials to commit election fraud.

I can see that but there has been PLENTY of talk of “plain old voter fraud” on this forum too, against both Dems and Pubs.

But I agree with your premise that individual cheats aren’t generally a systemic problem.

No, I posted it because the people caught in voter fraud are almost always voting for Trump. I find it ironic but typical

I believe the “election fraud” was the Trump campaign trying to overturn a legal election. The list on that is LONG