More Forged Documents for Trump's Coup

That’s Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona that Republicans literally forged elector documents. The noose is tightening

Tickey tockey? :laughing::laughing::laughing:

In all seriousness, I don’t think for a second anyone will be held accountable here.

Someone explain to me why this matters?

“Pro Trump group”??? What does that even mean?

It wouldn’t to you. You’re a person who supports authoritarianism and has no regard for US law. The issue is 3 states forged documents, official seals on them, and signed by lawmakers and a notary and sent in fake electors to the US government in an attempt to stage a coup.

I mean, legitimately, they straight up forged the documents, got them notarized, put the state seal on them (illegal) and sent them into government election agencies.

If Biden or Obama did that, you’d have flipped your fucking lid. No integrity, dude. Nada